Sunday, January 4, 2015

[Review] New RMK Skintuner Treatment: Moist & Extra Moist

We are pretty huge into hydration when it comes to skincare as we have combination skin and feels like our skin is always in need of tonnes of moisture. Late nights and not taking in enough fluid throughout the day do not help. So, our good friends at RMK Malaysia sent us a bottle of RMK Skintuner Treatment Extra Moist for a little extra pampering and to try out. Thanks for thinking of us *_^

We have introduced the new product on our previous blog post here. Check it out for more details on the ingredients. Think nourishment and hydration. This reformulated treatment reaches deep into the dermis and epidermis, strengthening the skin's defence barrier, resulting in a renewed and beautiful skin. They are packed with natural infused goodness of ingredients. Let us share with you now our experience of using the Skintuner Treatment, both Moist and Extra Moist.

Both comes in white rectangular packaging, simple and neat. Upon opening, you will find a transparent bottle (made of plastic) filled with clear fluid liquid. It comes in a pump bottle. Simple and sleek.

Tactile Experience
We were initially sent the Extra Moist to try. Since it is meant for dry and sensitive skin, it is very hydrated and moisturized. It feels quite sticky on our skin, and we are not a huge fan of rose to begin with (as it is scented with rose note), so this rich emulsion just feels too rich for us. If you love rose, this could be something delightful for you, perhaps? We used it for about two weeks and still could not get pass the rose scent.

As for the Moist version, this is just simply perfect. We use only 2 pumps (not 4 as per instructed as we felt 4 is too much for us), onto a cotton pad and smooth it out evenly all over the face and neck, it feels like a sudden quench of lovely hydrating fruity goodness, immediately enveloping the skin, creating a thin veil over the face. The scent of lavender feels soothing and calming. This is definitely way less sticky sort of feeling than the Extra Moist one. Just a note of caution, don't hit the pump too hard or the liquid treatment will splatter. Gentle does it *_^

The instruction says that one should dispense 4 pumps into the palm of the hand or onto cotton pads and apply using circular movements. Gently massage into the skin for optimum results. Repeat several times when applying without cotton. Nonetheless, we were advised by the beauty consultant at the RMK counter that it is best to apply this with cotton pads. We also find that using this before makeup forms a really good hydrated base for makeup to adhere onto the skin after.

After about a month of using the RMK Skintuner Treatment MOIST, we find our face more subtle, definitely better hydrated and feel relaxed, rested and plumped. Of course, we believe any good skincare needs a good basic scrub down, to melt away all the dust, sebum, and clear away dead skin and clogged pores before any great skincare after is effective. We have been enjoying the RMK Powder Soap (which we managed to purchase before it went out of stock, after trying out some samples!), it's a gentle scrub that comes in minute powder form (very pretty pink in colour *_^), once you add a little water and warm it up in the palm, it turns into a silky smooth almost foam-like white soapy lather which feels really smooth on the skin. It cleanses really well and the texture is truly heavenly. Should give this a try!

What we love about the brand in terms of their skincare range is the 3 pillars of RMK Delicious Skincare manifesto - Natural x Powerful (draws on the power of natural ingredients to harness their goodness), Simple x Positive (focuses on skin homeostatis, products that help strengthen and maintain such skin function in its natural balanced state) and Texture x Scent (luxurious textures and invigorating scents, an integral part of the senses of skincare to heighten the experience).

So, if we were to compare, most definitely the RMK Skintuner Treatment MOIST version for us, between the two! But then again, skincare is very individual, you should try it yourself to judge which one suits you and your lifestyle better. More about the product here and more updates via their Facebook page here. Skintuner Treatment is to be used after your toner and before your essence.

RMK Skintuner Treatment is retailed at RM120 for 150ml, available at RMK counters at Pavilion KL (inside Parkson), The Gardens Mall (inside Isetan) and Suria KLCC.

Hope you lovelies had a great countdown celebration to say goodbye to 2014 and we wish this new year of 2015 is treating you well and off to a great start! Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. This Skintuner sounds lovely and it's good that it has worked well for your skin.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your 2015 is off to a fantastic beginning Jeann! May this year bring you all good things.

    You should definitely check out Misaeng if you get a chance. I was surprised at how much I liked it as it was a pretty low key show but it goes to show that a good story and good acting are always better than big names. Also the ordinary situations in it were very relatable... much more so than being an alien being stuck on earth or a chaebol for that matter ;p

    1. Yes, Rowena. I think I came across the series while watching something else on youtube just the other day. Talk about law of attraction and now you are telling me here:))

      Will do! thanks for the recommendation


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