Saturday, January 24, 2015

[Review] NARS Jungle Red Nail Polish

After trying putting on NARS Shameless red (previously here) the last time, we think we have been bitten by the nail colour bug *_^ We have been experimenting manicure and pedicure since, on our own, trying to perfect our very basic skills. Guess what, as hard for us to admit as it is, we do find doing manicure quite therapeutic in some ways. Well, at least, it teaches us to be patient.

This time around, we also enlisted the help of a professional when we visited Sungai Petani, Kedah. Since it was close to the Christmas season last year, we had the nail salon do for us a Jungle Red (mixed with one ring finger of Shameless Red colour) and line the rim of our finger nails with a little golden glitter colour (just for the fun of it to get into the festive mood!). What do you think?

We absolutely love this NARS Jungle Red nail colour. It is a deep red that is very classic and it stands out once applied on the nails. The wide paddle brush makes application a breeze and it finishes to a shiny sheen look. It does what it says, a knock out colour with high gloss finish and the colour stayed on pretty well for 5 days *_^

Jungle red is part of the 44-shades new-formulated nail polishes introduced by NARS recently. They are available at NARS boutique at Pavilion KL, retailing at RM65 (15ml). Here for more.

We think our next pick of nail colours to play around with will be more pastel, lighter and nude then, to see the difference and how it would look on our nails. Having said that, we are still very much a RED classic kind of women. Thanks NARS Malaysia for the lovely shades of nail colours! We are loving them both.

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday, like we do *_^

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  1. Hi Jeann,

    I normally wear lighter colors on my nails and have been looking for a red, so I'm glad to have seen this post! Love the rich shade of the Jungle red, but might like the Shameless red even more. Will have to try it!


    1. Yes, I have yet to try out the other lighter shades from NARS, just yet. Indeed these red and a show stopper. Yeah, it would be a great idea to try them out and see for yourself *_^

      Glad that you find both shades nice and Shameless nicer. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and that rings true.

      Thanks for hopping by!


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