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M.A.C AW2015 Trends: Strength of Beauty and Beautiful & Damned

If you had seen this, you would have known that there were 4 major makeup trends that were shared by the professional at M.A.C Cosmetics recently for this Autumn/Winter 2015. In the constant and evolving conversation of what defines beauty today, true makeup artistry broadens the propositions and opens our eyes to inspired options of how to celebrate beauty with makeup - Beauty is Diversity. At least, that is what according to the beautiful people at M.A.C and we could not agree more with them! 

So what is the common thread? For M.A.C, it feels fresh to declare: there isn't one! For refreshingly, there is no unanimous aesthetic view to A/W2015. The means are as diverse as the ends. This season as makeup artists pull energy and inclinations from a varied mash up of eras, attitudes and artistic techniques, playing with paradoxes - particularly that of hard vs soft (in respect of attitude, colour, texture and techniques) - results this season in makeups that are as strong, dynamic, creative - and polarizing. We shall first share with you here, two of the four trends - Strength of Beauty and Beautiful and Damned.

Strength of Beauty
Once synonymous with staid, uptight attitude, the new definition to elegance in beauty terms is one that builds on the authenticity and transparency that have been characteristic of modern makeup of late. What looks sophisticated now is neither raw, nor a laboured perfection; there are elements of precision to it, but this is not about airbrush beauty: it's about the tension between the done and the undone, playing with nuances shades and subtle textures in a sparing way. "Nothing should look like obvious colour or evident texture," says Val Garland. "Ultimately, the first impression should be of fresh skin." 

"Makeup has moved forward towards something more polished, but still very much respects the individual," adds Lyne Desnoyers. "We are defining the face without changing it." Central to harnessing the modernity (read: a certain toughness) within this poised, pretty aesthetic is anchoring the face with a more definitive brow: one that is straighter, slightly bushier and decisive. Equally, "strengthening the face can be through a pink blush, bronzer or mascara as much as a razor sharp contour," adds Terry Barber. "It's about the tweaks that bring a sharpness to the features... like a beautifully well-cut garment, makeup should be tailored to a perfect fit." 

Beautiful & Damned
BLACK, a significant chunk of fashion history is dedicated to this colour, which now transcend a style statement. Black is a subculture, a way of being. It is equally synonymous with elegance and evil, magic and mourning, individuality and intellect, tribal and tattoo art movements as diverse as mod, new wave, goth, rap, punk and victoriana to the most classic couture are united in their ownership in black.

In makeup, black is the ultimate constant. This season makeup artists are exploring how to interpret the anarchic side of its spirit in the most beautiful ways. "It's a backlash against that static, 'selfie' look." declares Alex Box. "There is a rebellion this season that makes makeup feel really alive."

From ebonized lips ("there is nothing subversive to a black lip and more. It's super chic and beautifying." states Lyne Desnoyers) to punk-edged eyes ("they are tough but not gruesome, and extremely well crafted," adds Terry Barber) For AW2015, artists are finding refinement in rebellion.

Whilst the spirit of these looks embraces the toughness, DIY attitude and authenticity that are central to punk rock, there is sensitivity and specificness to their application, from the most (seemingly spontaneous) gestural of eyes to the crispest of lips, a lightness and luminescent quality to the skin sustains a sense of softness amidst the anarchy. As Lucia Pieroni explains, "illumination always makes even the hardest statement look beautiful."

So, what do you think of the two looks? Are they your cup of tea? We are most definitely loving the luminosity and fresh skin looks of the Strength of Beauty and some form of artistic edginess to Beautiful and Damned. All visuals courtesy of M.A.C Malaysia. More about the brand here.

Till our next two AW2015 trends blog post, have a luminously beautiful and happy week ahead, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. I really like how these beauty looks range from the dramatic and bold to the pretty and wearable. I'm quite sure I couldn't pull off the former but I'd be down for the latter anytime.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. haha I am totally like you, definitely not the dramatic type, unless perhaps the makeup is done professionally but someone else, but I do gravitate towards that natural glowing looks here *_^

  2. so inspiring!

  3. Beautiful luminosity and fresh skin looks, I am more for a no makeup makeup look, but all these looks are full of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a lovely day my dears.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. They are indeed, my dearie. High-5 to no makeup makeup look, it makes the two of us then *_^


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