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Holiday Series 2015 | Melvita Christmas Novelties, Naturally

Merry Christmas from nature! That is this season's holiday greetings from this organic French skincare and beauty brand, Melvita. We have been enjoying some naturally derived and made skincare products from Melvita this year and we have come to enjoy and love them partly because they are organic, or ingredients sourced from organic farming. We had the pleasure to be invited to a luncheon (which we revealed a little here) and were let into what are hitting the Melvita and L'Occitane stores in Malaysia for this festive giving season, just around the corner. It was a beautifully crafted event and a pleasantly joyful occasion. Let's take a look at some of the offerings, shall we?

Melvita's products are all about nature, and so to protect it, Melvita has established sustainable harvesting specifications. Pickers of wild plants for the brand must adhere to this "Sustainable Picking Charter" which includes 8 control criteria to ensure that any picking does not affect nature's capacity to regenerate itself. For this year's Christmas, Melvita is introducing, among others, their new Nectar de Roses Range, a bouquet of 3 unique organic wild roses, and a special limited-edition L'Or Bio Extraordinary Oil, exclusively for this festive season only. 

L'Or Bio Extraordinary Oil (100ml, MYR178)
Available exclusively for this Christmas, this dry oil called L'Or Bio Extraordinary is a blend of 5 rare and precious oils gathered from the four corners of the world, making it extra special. The blend include Argan oil from Morocco (known for its exceptional skincare properties), Kendi oil from Indonesia, Inca Inchi oil from Amazonia (with regenerating properties), Buriti oil from Brazil (nourishes and promotes a healthy glow) and Pracaxi oil from Amazonia (improves hair shine and strength). It can be used on the face, body and hair. It comes in a luxuriously designed sturdy glass bottle, with the nutty-looking theme illustration representing the ingredients, which we absolutely adore.

With its spray nozzle, it makes it super easy to dispense the oil. Just spray on the body as desired. If for face, we spray onto our palm first and apply it all over our face. With this being a dry oil, it is a lighter type of oil that leaves a satin, rather than slick finish. The gorgeous oil is light-weight with smooth texture, and absorbs into the skin beautifully. It also leaves our skin feeling nourished, refreshed and retained moisture, especially right after shower. Learn more about this oil here.

Nectar de Roses Range
For a complete organic wild roses scented layering journey this festive season, look no further than the new introduction of the Nectar de Rose range, Melvita's inaugural creation of a certified organic collection. The 3 wild roses are Rosa Mosqueta from South of Chile, Rosa Canina from Vercos and Rosa Gallica from Regions of Drome. (it is in the Rhone-Alps region of France, after some googling work *_^)  So with these 3 types of roses from the French landscape, one can expect to smell like a bouquet of fresh roses this bee-jolly season with a delicate kind of fragrance lingering in the air. Perfect for rose lovers, we believe.

Within this range, we have the Nectar de Rose Petal Shower (250ml at MYR80), Nectar de Rose Hydrating Body Veil (200ml at MYR115) and 3 Roses Nectar Lips and Dry Areas (8g at MYR62). Melvita's sweet briar rose (Rosa mosqueta) grows on the high plateau of Chile, where it stands up to extreme climatic conditions. The fruits of this rose are picked by hand and are used to produce a rare oil. Melvita's wild rose (Rosa canina) grows in the Vercors region, high in the mountains, where the air is incredibly pure. An abstract is obtained from its petals, which are picked at dawn. Also called the "Rose of France", Melvita's rose from the Drome region (Rosa gallica) is one of the oldest varieties of cultivated roses. We have been using the shower gel since we got it and it has been lovely. We shall review more of this range in our future blog posts to come.

Looks like Melvita is granting some lovely Christmas wishes this season with their range of not only selected new products but also organic Christmas coffrets sets for your loved ones. Pick and choose these little treats and put a huge smile on someone's face. These shown here are just a glimpse of a wide variety of choices. Here for more options of your preferred choice and find a Melvita store near you here. Thanks Melvita Malaysia for the love and invite! By the way, Melvita is now officially on instagram, it's @melvitaofficial if you are on the platform. You can also find LUMINNEJ here, if you have not been following us already *_^

Stay tuned for our other holiday gifts idea sharing coming up soon on L'Occitane and more. Till then, stay luminous and happy, always, lovelies!

With love, 
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  1. I am not familiar with Melvita but I have to say I am swooning over the cute packaging. I actually wouldn't mind trying that L'Or bio oil. It sounds like something that my skin wouldn't through a tantrum over!


    1. Oh, Melvita is a sister brand of L'Occitane actually *_^ Sounds like perhaps you can check the oil out then, I am currently loving it a lot!

  2. Wow! Organic and gorgeous! Would love to try that brand. That snowglobe is precious.

    1. ooooh, you had your eyes on that snow globe, huh? Indeed, that's a gem!

  3. How wonderful the ingredients of Melvita's products sound, Jeann! Roses and so many different oils are great basics for organic products. Thank you for introducing this french brand to us, my dear! Happy Friday, darling!

    xoxo Ira


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