Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Series 2015 | Jo Malone Christmas Mischief

The world of Jo Malone London is new to us and this British brand came to us at the right timing. Perhaps it was a little mischief at work or maybe it was just a little sprinkle of magic. Whichever it may be, it is definitely looking like a #HappyKissmas to us this year with Jo Malone London (here for more).

This Christmas, Jo Malone London is celebrating this special occasion with a party atmosphere. We absolutely adore their advertising campaign, that entire 1950s vibe when men would suit up in sharp looking suits and women would pay extra attention to their feminine side and would truly dress up in pretty dresses, looking incredibly sensual and pretty for that special occasion - glamorous and fabulous in the most beautiful way. 

We had the pleasure to be invited to the brand's Suria KLCC boutique opening recently. With their spacious and well designed boutique, how could we not swoon over this new brightly lit store upon our arrival? It was as if we had stepped into an imaginative space transcended by time, simply because of the culmination and fusion of wondrous scents within the new store that brought us into that world of bespoke luxury, timeless and elegant, but always infused with a charming dash of wit and whimsy. Little did we know that we were about to experience one of our most memorable events of the year, truly.

The lovely Hana, our personal cologne consultant for the day brought us through the different flavors of scents available, explaining ever so acutely and in the most knowledgeable manner how Jo Malone London's way of approach towards the world of scents - that very understated style, yet defined by unconventional sense of sophistication. We are particularly fond of the whole notion that the scents of Jo Malone London can be tailored or mix and match to your own taste and preference according to the mood and occasion. Simply divine indeed. A soothing hand spa pampering session cleverly chased away our tired hands and awakened our senses that afternoon. 

With a wide array of selection of colognes, scented candles, bath salts, bath and body collection, diffusers, room sprays and many more, Jo Malone London makes this Christmas an irresistible one. More so with their opulent Christmas wrapping - the iconic Jo Malone London bag, fastened with a sprig of mistletoe, the festive green satin bow, layers of crisp tissue paper within the signature off-white box, the perfect Christmas gift is just a wish away. Discover the limited-edition Christmas gift Collection here. We are pretty sure you would be pleasantly surprised *_^

During our time there, we were constantly being served champagne and canapés. The stylists and gentlemen made sure that we had the best time there. Getting to know and had meaningful conversations with like minded new found friends was most definitely the highlight of this splendid afternoon. Jo Malone London Malaysia team really knew how to treat their guests extremely well. 

Jo Malone London is now available at Midvalley Megamall, Pavilion KL and the latest addition to the family is at Lot 121A, First Floor, Suria KLCC. You can always take on this journey of scent with the brand via their website here and follow them on Instagram @JoMaloneLondon here.

Thanks Jo Malone London Malaysia team for the hospitality and thanks to the PR team for having us there and congratulations to your new boutique opening. We most definitely had the most beautiful time previously. Thanks for the love and we shall hope to see you all again soon!  Till then, do stay tuned as we shall review our experience using our very first Jo Malone London cologne in the near future. 

Advertising campaigns (and product shots) courtesy of Jo Malone London team. This is our final installment of this year's Holiday Series and we hope that you had enjoyed some gift ideas and selections presented to you. #HappyKissmas, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. I was really into Jo Malone scents when we first got the brand in the US and her grapefruit scent used to be one of my faves. This event is such a nice way for your to be introduced to the brand.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family Jeann!

    1. Oh, really? But sounds like either you have moved onto another brand already?

      Anyways, hope you had a great Christmas celebration!


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