Saturday, December 5, 2015

[Inspiration | Musing] Saturday Kind of Dusty White

Details in life are for the wonderer to behold, they are there to tease, to flirt and to allow us to dream, dream a little dream of dusty white, on this Saturday morning. We capture what is there, to store away in a place within the heart that is not there. We do, once in a while, wish that we could venture to a place with no address, where the letters can never reach, where only a great book can play with the wind, and the sun outside. We make this wish, subconsciously, even the night before, and after when we gingerly climb out of bed, the very next morning, where the sheets could only linger on, but not us.

Details like laces that allow for that little peek-a-boo, they dance with the wearer and show us that sometimes, we don't need to hide away, we could just reveal that little secrets of ours, ever just so little, so that the rest are kept away safely, like the music that keeps echoing in our ears. Dusty white chooses to stay with grey, revealing that they are the perfect couple, to tango away. Who are we to say otherwise?

Let's walk, let's talk, let's put on something that makes us silly happy, let's just make this day a day to let it be, no matter what comes our way, for this is such a day, a day to embrace that dusty side of us, yet remembering that life can be a fleeting moment, as short as a single breathing of in and out, or it could be the longest walk of our life, whichever path that has been laid out for us. Choose love, choose happiness, lovelies! Have a beautifully radiant and stunning Saturday, our kind of day *_^

All visuals via LUMI's Pinterest here.

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With love, 
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