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[Review] Cuepido Little Treasures | Oomph-Brow and Ohh Blush! Peony

Simple is beautiful. Yes indeed. When we were first approached to have a look at the brand and see if there was any opportunity to collaborate, we fell in love with the philosophy of the brand (though the brand presence and first impression online was far from impressive to us, truthfully). Nonetheless, due to our packed schedule, we had to ask the PR personnel to hold off sending us their beauty products for review. 

Two months later, the PR personnel was persistent enough to follow up with us. A week later, this beautifully prepared package arrived through the mail. Yes, we will be sharing with you our experience with this all-natural beauty brand which is totally new to us and happens to have a cute name called Cuepido. Amongst the skincare and beauty products, we are talking about these two makeup products today - Oomph-Brow and Ohh Blush! Peony.

About Cuepido
It is quite obvious, with the brand name, one would have guessed that it has to do with that little Cupid, "God  of desire and love" sprinkling its fairy stardusts onto those who crossed its path (or should we say the target of his little arrow *_^) and the products are designed to be dreamy and appealing. For us, what is even more appealing is Cuepido's brand of making sure that all its beauty products are FREE from commonly known harmful ingredients. All Cuepido products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, triclosan, sulphates and gluten. Read about the story behind how the brand was formed by the founder, Hannie Teh here, someone who has suffered from extreme skin sensitivity and was determined to find a more natural solution to beauty. Taking one step further than just removing harmful ingredients, Cuepido formulates its products and infused them with skin-loving ingredients like flowers and plants extracts, vitamins, essential oils, minerals and other natural organic ingredients. Here for more on the brand's philosophy and its ingredients listing.

Oomph-Brow (MYR89, 0.35g)
Comes in a lovely simple white paper packaging, Cuepido calls its eyebrow pencil Oomph-Brow. It is a double ended eyebrow grooming pencil that has the eye product on one end, and a spooly on the other. This waterproof eyebrow pencil comes in only one universal shade. It is a deep brown colour. If one takes a much closer look, the eye product end is pretty unique, we feel.

It is not the usual triangle shape, like most eyebrow pencils that we know of and have used before, nor is it like an angled sharp flat shape, even though it looks like it from one angle. This Oomph-Brow actually has an oval shape tip. At first, we thought to ourselves, hhhmmm, will this shape work, as it looks a little chubby to us? Why is it designed in such a way? Surprisingly, it works really well in terms of application and we have no issues with getting a sharp tip at the end of our eyebrow as you can angle it in such a way to achieve that easily.

All you need to do is to twist the eyebrow pencil a little to reveal the product and with light strokes, gently fill in the eyebrows. Our only qualm with this one is the formula itself. We feel it would work even better if the texture is just a little less drier. With this, it would make application a tad faster because of a smoother formulation to it. The spooly is quite standard. Colour pay off wise, it is reasonable and make us feel like we have a naturally drawn in eyebrows instead of too oversaturated with products (as one can always tone down a little with the spooly or an eyebrow brush). We have been enjoying this one lately. Here for more.

Ohh Blush! Peony (MYR105 for 10ml)
There are 3 shades of this cheek stain (the other two are Camelia and Rose) from Cuepido and the shade we chose to review is this lovely one called Peony, as we love the soft pink hue to it. Comes in a white paper box, once opened, the cheek stain is a black bottle with a little pump which dispenses the product. The ingredients are listed on top of the box.

This Ohh Blush! is a liquid formula, glides onto our skin easily. Be mindful that it is pretty pigmented, with a little light reflecting pigment to it. A little goes a long way, really. Best applied with fingers, we feel. Start by applying the blush in a circular motion until it blends into the skin. It is build able to that pop-of-colour cheek look if you wish. The finishing looks a little powdery yet still maintain that little moist stain effect, which is absolutely beautiful. Very natural indeed. We can also be rest assured that our cheeks are getting the goodness of the flower and plant extracts from the stain. Here for more about the blushes.

There you go, two products from the package that we received from Cuepido previously, reviewed here. We shall review the rest of the skincare products in due time. Thanks Cuepido Malaysia for sending some love along. We have been quite impressed by the beauty items we have used so far (we have been using the Lavender mist *_^). Definitely worth checking it out if you are inclined towards a more natural approach to your skincare and beauty. It is most definitely a good idea, we believe. More about the brand here.

Wishing you lovelies out there a happy weekend ahead *_^

With love, 
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  1. That eyebrow pencil sounds great and I was intrigued by the oval shape as soon as you mentioned it. Bummer that the formula isn't dry enough. I wouldn't really expect that from a pencil. I find that the best eyebrow pencils are usually from Asian brands. I'm currently using a brow mascara type product that is so quick and easy. It was something that sent to me for review that I liked enough to repurchase.

    Have an inspired weekend my dear Jeann!

    1. Oh I meant if the eyeshadow is slightly more fluid would be better *_^ as of now, it feels just a little dry, Rowena

  2. Jeanne, this is a new Malaysian brand? I read the story on how Hannah came to create this brand and I like the fact that she has a background in biochemistry so she knows her stuff and I feel I could trust the quality. I also checked and they ship to Canada, yippee!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. It's a USA brand dearie, now having office in Malaysia as well. Still quite a new brand but looks promising *_^


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