Tuesday, July 5, 2016

[Review] The Lovely New Look of Innisfree Orchid Range

We had the pleasure to attend a beautifully put together event hosted by Innisfree Malaysia previously and was introduced to their new look to Innisfree existing Orchid skincare range. We have been meaning to review this since we had tried them out quite some time back. So today, we would love to share some of our thoughts and experience using some of the skincare products from this range, especially the new additions to the existing orchid family. 

There were 5 beauty products in the Innisfree Orchid range previously, this year, 3 new beauty products were introduced and added to the existing range, making it 8 in total. The 5 are Orchid Enriched Cream (MYR101/50ml here), Orchid Gel Cream (MYR101/50ml here), Orchid Intense Cream (MYR113/50ml here), Orchid Eye Cream (MYR101/30ml here) and Orchid Massage Cream (MYR73/80ml). The 3 new additions include Orchid Skin, Orchid Enriched Essence and Orchid Lotion.

Out of the 60 kinds of orchid native to Korea Jeju Island, AMORE PACIFIC research team picked the Jeju Cold Growing Orchid as the main ingredients for the range due to its exceptionally strong vitality to survive the harsh winters of the island, hence its hydrating and anti-aging properties.

Orchid Skin (MYR89 for 200ml)
First step in this range of skincare, Orchid Skin is an anti-aging toner that is supposedly designed to work on your skin issues like wrinkles, resilience, skin tone, nourishment, and pores. Its palm extract also helps to retain moisture after cleansing. Formulated with gel network technology to create its fine gel texture, it enables the nutrient-enriched formula to be absorbed into the skin.

This toner is not clear in colour, but with a slight tinge of white, very fluid in texture, it feels nice on the skin upon application and absorbs well within the minute. It leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed. Do note that this Innisfree Orchid range has a faint scent in them, if you are sensitive to fragrance. It smells nice to us, we are not that bothered by it, actually. Do also note that this range comes with an extra tiny little white lid cover as a seal that one could put back, so that the fluid won't spill all over, which is cool.

Orchid Enriched Essence (MYR115 for 50ml)
After applying Orchid Skin, one is supposed to pump the essence twice and gently dab onto the skin thereafter. Infused with the vital Orchid Elixir extracted from the Jeju Orchid, this essence is designed to form an elastic layer onto the skin for immediate lifting and firming effect. The benefit of Jeju Orchid is that it also prevents the breakdown of collagen in order to improve skin's resilience.

Comes in a purple bottle with a pump, the essence has a gel-type sort of consistency, slightly orange in colour (though not too obvious in the visual above) with a clear texture and tiny tiny particles. Texture wise, it feels a little sticky when we first applied onto our skin but smooths on easily, and takes a little longer than the Orchid Skin to get absorbed but it acts like a thin veil of film enveloping our face and hugging it, this should be due to its 4% of natural lifting ingredients extracted from oatmeal and coupled with its rich skin-fitting texture. Skin feels slightly supple after application over a period of time.

Orchid Lotion (MYR89 for 160ml)
This lotion (light moisturiser) has a dual-purpose of anti-wrinkle and whitening functions and is supposed to nourish the skin while the coconut oil creates a layer of moisture in order to instill softness in the skin. The coconut oil also lends its melt-in texture that allows smooth penetration into the skin. This is to be used after the essence mentioned above.

Surprisingly, this white in colour lotion is quite smooth and lightweight. With a little quick massage, it will help to absorb more easily into our skin. The moisture level of this lotion is pretty good and we enjoy using it.

Orchid Enriched Cream (MYR101 for 50ml)
This total anti-aging cream is designed to reduce wrinkles and visible pores, firm skin, improve skin tone and nourish skin, all thanks to the powerful vitality of the Jeju Cold Growing Orchid. Formulated with Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex and green pea extract (to firm up sagging skin), its moist, essence-like texture is meant to make sure that the skin is well nourished. This cream is recommended for normal and dry skin.

We have combination skin, therefore, though the texture is not that rich and heavy, but it is still a little "rich" for our combination skin to handle. So, we only used this during the nights. We believe the Enriched Gel Cream would work better for our skin type though. This would be absolutely wonderful for those we have drier skin, we feel.

As for the range's whitening, anti-aging and firming efficacy, we did not find it that obvious after a month's use, we believe it will take longer than this to see a bigger difference, same goes to our pore size. Overall, it is an enjoyable range, if you love some orchid smell in your daily skincare routine. If you are wondering how to use the range, the sequence of the beauty products used should be like this below:

Orchid Skin > Essence > Lotion > Eye Cream > Gel Cream/Enriched Cream/Intense Cream > Massage Cream

Thanks Innisfree Malaysia for the love, always. Here for more details about the brand. Hope those who are in the United States of America had a wonderful July 4th Independence Day celebration! Stay happy and luminous always *_^

With love,
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  1. What a lovely event! I really like how you often pick out a colour scheme from everywhere you go - on this occasion, it's a gorgeous deep purple colour :) This is a new brand introduction for me, so thanks very much! Out of all the products you've reviewed, my favourite is most probably the Orchid Enriched Essence; your description of the product sounds really lovely. As always, a really lovely review Jeann :)

    Ps. I just adore the green leaf featuring your name written in gold - how gorgeous!

    aglassofice.com x

    1. Awwww thanks thanks Gabrielle! Actually I didn't pick out the colour scheme this time around:)) the event were put together in such a way it's so harmonious and seamless blended and reflected upon the orchid range. The PR for Innisfree brand is very good at looking into details like this! I absolutely love their work and effort!

      Thanks for hopping by! Lovely to see you

  2. This range looks gorgeous! I love the beautiful purple packaging and the event sounded really lovely.
    It's a shame you didn't notice much of a difference in your skin after a month but hopefully within time you'll notice a change :)

    Sounds like a lovely brand regardless and always great to hear about new products!

    Laura xo

    1. yes, totally agree with you on the lovely packaging. An innisfree event is always a lovely one, Laura.

  3. Well if it can withstand mother nature then surely it's got to do something right on the skin! ;o) It actually sounds dreamy. I like light and absorbent skin care. I don't like anything greasy or heavy on my skin. I just feel yuck!


    1. haha I guess we are on the same page with greasy skincare, Sonia *_^

  4. such a lovely event! these products look dreamy!


    1. indeed Beatrice and I love your new short hair *_^


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