Thursday, July 14, 2016

[The Hair Affair] Introducing The Soloist Salon | A Truly Unique Hair Experience

They say, one's hairstyle makes or breaks a person as it changes your entire appearance all together. A great hairstyle, be it cut or colour, will transform you from just a normal typical look to an awesome fabulous and turn-head refreshing look. We are truly fortunate to be able to team up with one of the top hair professionals in town to bring you a series of hair related content from this month onwards and hope to share with you a little of our experience in the hair department. Come on this journey with us and we hope you will learn a thing or two about hair and have fun along the way.

We are proud to introduce you to LUMINNEJ's official hair styling partner for the year - The Soloist Salon.

First off, we have to admit that we have never really put much emphasis on our hair as we have always had short hair our entire life ... very very short hair at times (from childhood till adulthood, can you believe that?) and we have the misconception thinking that there is nothing much styling we can do with it. We don't even own a comb to be down right honest as we only towel dry our hair *_^ You must be thinking, what a weirdo we are by now! Having said that, we do feel it is time to change things up, that was how The Soloist Salon came into the picture recently. After an initial meet up with one of the founders, Nicholas Chua, we were set for our next appointment a few days later - hair colouring and boy, you would not believed how much fun we had that day! 

Once we set foot into The Soloist Salon, we were immediately intrigued by its very unique decor and ambience. Vintage Industrial inspired interior design and architecture, this brand new space were very recently renovated and the three founding partners were very much involved and hands on with the design, look and feel even right down to the construction part of it. Pride themselves with the passion they have for all things related to hair, they unanimously believe that it is utmost important to create a very creative and inspiring atmosphere for the salon, not only to provide the zest for the entire team to come to work (and play) everyday, but also to allow each of their client to experience a whole different level of hair pampering whenever they visit The Soloist Salon.

We absolutely love the details and thoughts put into designing the salon, we told Nicholas. They even pay attention to the materials used, which is mainly wood, metal and the walls were purposely finished with a certain look to give that specific feel and texture they wanted. The little potted greens on the counters punctuate and break away from the overall warm feel of the salon to give it a refreshing vibe. We shall go into more details about the concept of the salon in the future series. Now, let's get back to why we were there in the first place that very afternoon. 

After our discussion with Nicholas, the talented owner decided on our hair colour for this time around - Cool Brown it is. We totally leave it to him as we believe we are in good hands. We were told that we would be going through two main processes for the day - bleaching our hair first, then only colour our hair, so that the new colour will be more vibrant, true to its colour and last longer. We have never bleached our hair before this, NEVER! So, you could imagine how excited and anxious we were at the same time. Seeing our hair colour changed right in front of our eyes after bleaching was quite an experience. It turned into sort of a bright golden copper tone.

After the bleaching was done, the hair colouring part took over. Nicholas chose a few parts of our hair to do the purple highlight first. Those would be the ones wrapped in tin foil in the visual above. After that was done, then the other cool brown colour was applied to the rest of our hair.

About 30 to 45 minutes later, the big reveal came! The final result was a brand new hair colour which we immediately felt right at home with. We never thought that by just changing our hair colour, it would make a difference in our appearance, almost instantaneously. We were a happy gal that day, and still is till today, as we are composing this post. 

Thanks so much to Nicholas (high-5!) for your awesome work on our hair colour and we truly enjoyed that experience. We shall be looking forward to our next hair appointment with you and the team soon. Great inspiring space, lovely atmosphere and uber friendly and professional hairstylist team, what more can we asked for, right? 

Discover more about The Soloist Salon at their Facebook page here or you could keep up-to-date with the friendly team via their Instagram page here. The Soloist Salon is located just one floor above The Starbucks Coffee.

We closed the door behind us that day, leaving with a smile on our face, knowing that we shall go back there again very soon for our next hair fix. A hair salon with such character, with equally big passion and pride to match. We are indeed proud to be associated with the brand.

The Soloist Salon
Ansa Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Lot 1.5, Level 1, 101, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Tel: +603.2448.9000). Opens daily from 10:30am to 08:30pm. 

Till our next hair adventure with the team, have a luminously happy rest of the week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. In love with your photography! This place just sounds so amazing. If I ever get the chance to go, I'll go :)

    And your hair colour is so pretty! and super rad. Love it <3

    Stephanie |

    1. awwww thanks thanks dearie, like wise like wise. Enjoy reading your blog! haha a new hair colour is a good change for me *_^

      Nice seeing you back here, Stephy!


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