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[Review] Diorshow Backstage Eyes | Diorshow Pro Liner, Diorshow Maximiser 3D & Dioshow Designer Mascara

Peter Philips with model Bella Hadid backstage at the Dior Haute Couture AW2016-2017 show, visual courtesy of Dior Malaysia

We are always interested in discovering how to translate certain runway looks onto our daily makeup routines, or how some backstage secrets can be applied for normal consumers like us, using the products used backstage. Some time back, we were given this opportunity to discover how to create varied and dramatic eye looks, the Diorshow Backstage ways, all thanks to the lovely team Dior Malaysia. Though we may not be armed with most of the beauty products used here on the models (like Dior Addict Fluid shadow or Diorshow Artpen), we do have three used backstage - Diorshow Pro Liner, Diorshow Maximiser 3D and Diorshow Designer.

Models rocking the makeup looks at the Dior Haute Couture AW2016-2017 runway show, visuals courtesy of Dior Malaysia

Seen here are the makeup looks created and styled by Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup just recently for Dior's Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 runway show. For this show, the makeup maestro created makeup looks using graphic eyeliner in a unique way on each model, adapting it to their eyes, individually. In Peter's own words, "I wanted to create, for more than forty looks, a free variation on eyeliner. It was a challenge to customize the look each time in an unusual and audacious way, creating makeup that was made-to-measure, just like haute couture is." 40 varied makeup looks? Let's get the fun on, shall we?

Model using Diorshow Pro Black 092, visual courtesy of Dior Malaysia

Diorshow Pro Liner Navy (MYR94)
According to Dior, Diorshow Pro Line Waterproof is a combination between the easy application of a pencil with the glide and intensity of a liquid liner. Sounds cool, right? Its waterproof formula is supposed to have a makeup finish of an intense line, with long-lasting semi-matte look on the eye lids. The beveled tip is designed in such a way that it does not require sharpening and retains its ergonomic shape with each application.

Comes in a sleek pen-like housing, very signature of a Dior beauty product, it has a retractable tip. The shade that we have is 282 navy (here for more shade selections). This Pro Liner can be used to draw a thin line (when held horizontally) on our eye lids, if need be, change it around, vertically, it can actually draw a much thicker eye liner look.

Trust us, we have not used a liquid eyeliner before this and always feel a little daunting to use one since we don't really have steady hands when it comes to applying thin lines, so this combination of a liner with liquid is such a brilliant idea, we feel. It glides on so effortlessly and does have the feeling of a usual eyeliner pencil, but with almost the intensity of a liquid liner to match! It feels creamy and easy to work with. We are loving the formula and finishing so far on our eye lids. It stays on and does not smudge and removes easily with our eye makeup remover. Definitely a keeper for us *_^

Diorshow Maximiser 3D (Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer), MYR130 for 6ml
An improved new formula, this exclusive Dior Backstage serum-primer can be used two ways, one as a primer right before your mascara application to instantly volumised, enriched and lengthened the lashes or as a skincare treatment type, like a serum for your eye lashes. The new air-pumped texture coats each lashes with a dense, airy layer to intensify the effects of the mascara. Enriched with Pure White Complex, this primer reveals the colour and intensity of lashes. Its revitalising oil serum concentrate improves lash appearance, thickness and curls, according to Dior. Peter Philips explained it further here.

We have not used any form of eye lashes primer ever, before this, so this is something truly new to us. We do know of some who swear by this primer and love this to bits. So, you can imagine our surprise when we first applied the primer onto our eye lashes. It really did what it claims to do - lengthens and volumises totally, but our lashes felt really hard after the application, which we are not used to at all. Its soft elastomer brush does not feel uncomfortable though and application is quite easy. One can take a closer look at the primer's texture here. It is basically a clear white runny paste-like liquid. We do love that clean all white and silver accent sleek look of the product very much.

With this applied, we then put on the Diorshow Designer Mascara and it did sort of deepen the mascara colour and intensify it a little further. Our only qualm about this product is the hardening part which we personally didn't quite enjoy. It made our eye lashes feel stiff, and a tad heavier than usual, though the effect looked lovely.

Diorshow Designer (Lash Extension Effect Mascara), MYR130 for 6ml
According to Dior, this is a new professional lengthening mascara by Dior, specially designed and tested for Asian lashes. It is a new generation formula optically reproduces the effect of lash extensions used by runway makeup artists. Its patented AIR-LOCK wiper prevents the formula from being in contact with the air, keeping the mascara from drying in the tube.

This is also our first time using a mascara from Dior. The shade that we have is 088 Anthracite. At first, we thought it is a black mascara, but after much research online, we realised it is actually a deep dark green greyish shade. There are 4 shades of mascara in this line that correspond to the Diorshow Pro Liner earlier.

Without the primer as the base coat, on its own, this mascara already performs well to lengthen and volumize our eye lashes. It applies smoothly without clumping the lashes, consistency wise, not too drying or runny, just nice. We love that it has a wider base and a much thinner end of the tip to reach out to the lashes at the inner and outer corners of the eyes, to make application much easier. Of course, when applied together with the primer, you will get that really vavavroom kind of eye lashes. A little too "dramatic" for us *_^

Visual courtesy of Dior Malaysia

There you go, some of the Diorshow eye beauty products that we have tried of late and have been enjoying, of course, some more than the other. All backstage and models makeup looks from the latest Dior Haute Couture AW2016-2017 visuals courtesy of Dior Malaysia. All Dior Makeup created and styled by Peter Philips and photography by Vincent Lappartient for Christian Dior Parfums.

Keep up-to-date with the world of Dior beauty via their instagram feed here and more about the Diorshow Backstage Eyes range here. Till our next makeup rendezvous with Dior, have a luminously beautiful week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. Ooh I was a big fan of the original Dior Lash Primer so the Diorshow Maximiser 3D totally intrigues me. I find using a lash primer really enhances the effect of my mascara as well as improves the wear. The Diorshow Designer sounds great as well but I rarely buy expensive mascaras since it's a product you have to toss after 3 months. I'll just have to see if I can score a sample ;p

    1. Ahh Rowena, I do see your point about not having expensive mascara, it only makes sense *_^

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    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

    1. Hi Vildana,

      Thanks so much for dropping by. Hope to see you again.

  3. I've always been curious of Dior Eye products and this was the perfect read for me to get to know their makeup line. Thanks babe for sharing a great introduction to me. :)

    Stephanie |

    1. You are most welcome, Stephanie *_^ Lovely to see you here. Looking forward to see you more often in the future!


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