Monday, September 19, 2016

[Live Streaming] Burberry's September Show 2016 | Historian and Artisan, The Old and The New

Orlando the movie, 1992 starring Tilda Swinton (right) and Charlotte Valandrey (left)

Having watched Orlando the film way back in our university time, it left us with such vivid memory that it almost imprinted on us the definition of cinematic beauty, simply because we were mesmerised by its grandeur in costume design, the writings of Virginia Woolf and the reinterpretation of her work via the big screen cinematic language, spanning different period time, across the two opposing genders, a story that was told in such captivating manner that it almost left us breathless and speechless. Gripping all the way, we fondly remember. So, one could imagine our excitement when we discovered that our favourite British fashion brand, Burberry's upcoming September Collection show 2016 is partly inspired by this legendary writer's literary work, Orlando the novel and in the spirit of Nancy Lancaster's interior and garden designs, blending historical and artisanal details, and this crafted collection will also include a new equestrian-style runway bag, The Bridle Bag for men and women. Isn't it sounding awesome and exciting already?

One must be wondering, why did we call it the old and the new? The old would be that historical context of the collection inspiration, the new would be that this would be the first time Burberry showing its first straight-to-consumer collection live from a new London show venue - the Makers House, on Monday, 19th September 2016 at 7:30pm (BST), 2:30pm (EST), 8:30pm (CET), Malaysian time would be 2:30am on the 20th September. All 83 men and women looks comprising over 250 pieces from this collection will be available as soon as they have been previewed on the runway, through Burberry's physical and digital retail platforms, shipping to over 100 countries. Quite a bold move, we feel. Perhaps this is part of the evolution that the brand has decided to embrace, to cater to the "instant gratification" that today's consumer so eagerly looking for.

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Interestingly, Burberry has also collaborated with the Makers House, to present the audience The New Craftsmen, a series of exhibition and open activities to celebrate the craft and inspiration behind the collection, with admission FREE of charge. Activities include but not limited to demonstrations in sculpting, sand casting, silk-screen printing, traditional lacquer painting, stitching & embroidery, embellishment, calligraphy, fashion history lesson, short theatrical readings focus on Virginia Woolf's novel, Orlando to a runway display of the collection and many others.

Visual via Burberry Instagram

So, check back here when the runway show is about to begin and we shall see the collection unveiled together. Thanks Burberry for having us again, this season, to collaborate and be a part of such an exciting time for your brand. We are truly humbled for the opportunity. You can have a look at the sneak peek teaser video called The Journey To The Burberry Show here if you are curious *_^

All visuals courtesy of Burberry the brand here, visual of Orlando the film here.

Have a great start to a wonderfully luminous week and stay happy always, lovelies!

With love, 
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  1. Oh wow that would be incredible to see live. I'm also itching to watch Orlando and read it to. I'm not even sure that I'm familiar with the title! Eeeep. I have to look into this pronto. It sounds like a must!


    1. Haha check it out Sonia. I have a funny feeling you will fall in love with her writings since you love writing so much! Nice seeing you back here. Missing you much.

  2. I quite like the fact that they chose to show the runway show live straight to the consumer --- many brands took a leap this season and broadcasted their shows live via social media or with having the ability to shop the catwalk. As a longtime fan of Woolf's work, I liked this post, and always appreciate your writing. I hope you're enjoying the beginnings of autumn. Happy weekend!
    /Madison x

    1. Thanks thanks Madison. So glad that you love this post and Virginia's work. And happy to see you back here *_^


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