Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Gifts | NARS Lace With Edge

After a magnificent afternoon lunch date with our lovely friend at NARS Malaysia previously, we came back feeling really intrigued by the super duper early XMAS gifts we got. Not satisfied with the quick glimpses we had with the products over lunch, we took a closer look at the NARS items again later. Fascinated we were with this year's NARS holiday collection.

Aptly named Laced With EdgeFrançois Nars outdo himself again. This time around, with his edgy vision of contrasting two opposing elements, giving that usual notion of feminine touch associated with lace a new interpretation. The custom packaging that comes with this holiday collection signifies Chris Kabatsi, the architectural designer's style, his use of digitally-rendered Nebula print harmonizes the two opposing elements together - dynamic yet delicate. The intricate web of black gloss grips the signature soft-touch packaging in a modern take on lace. 

We personally feel this fantastic collection also further enhances that whole notion of mystery and elicits the hidden femme fatale side of the wearer of NARS cosmetics, perfectly. Looking at the illusive packaging, it reminds us so much of watching Rachael in Ridley Scott's sci-fi film, Blade Runner - that ever-so-beautifully dangerous femme fatale seduction that plays with your heart, yet one can't help but be totally fallen in love with such a character or woman! Dangerously hypnotic indeed *_^

What we received from the collection include these three limited edition pieces: a Hardwired Lipstick (Deadly Catch), a new formulated crimson red, a new formula Hardwired Eyeshadow (Canberra), a shimmering lavender and a lipgloss in Corsica, shimmering pink raspberry. 

This holiday range reveals the bold colours and different textures that one can play around with when using the products within the range. The cutting-edge colours are anything but straight-laced. Dramatic is a word that often associated with this iconic brand, and this captivating collection is no exception. There are many other products within this holiday season collection that share the same laced packaging (including NARS laser cut palatte, the modern fusion gift set, NARS kabuki brush set and others). Here  and here for more if you are looking for that perfect gift(s) for someone special. Perhaps your bff? 

Out of the three items, we have tried out the lipgloss and the hardwired lipstick. They are really promising! Like we have confessed before, we are not a big fan of lipgloss but this latest new formula is super duper comfy to put on, such a huge surprise to us, truly. Shall share more in the near future. More on NARS here and stay updated via their Facebook page here.

Visual: Rachael (played by Sean Young) here.

Hardwired eyeshadow retails at RM90, Hardwired lipstick at RM90, Lipgloss at RM85, nail polish at RM65 and blusher at RM120.

Till then, let's gear up for the holiday season and count our blessings for what we have in life. Of course, as always, stay luminous and happy along the way *_^

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  1. That lipstick and lipgloss are so pretty but what I'm most drawn to is that gorgeous Canberra eyeshadow. Of all colors, I find shades of purple to be very flattering and wearable. This one is certainly a beauty and I love that it has a touch of shimmer. It's good to know that this lipgloss has a good formula. I usually find most to be too sticky.

    Thanks for your very sweet comments on my blog anniversary post Jeann! You're most kind and I'm so glad that we have connected through this blogosphere.

    1. ooohh, now I know your favourite eyeshadow colour is purple, Rowena *_^ Yes, we don't usually fancy lipgloss due the same reason, but this one is really cool, really out of our expectation.

  2. Woah, what an epic post! I hadn't gotten around to checking the holiday line out just yet so thanks for the FYI. I'm curious about the "red brick" hued lipstick. I want to try it, then I'm not sure if it'll be waaaay too 90's for my taste (or complexion!)


    1. Thanks for the compliment, Sonia. You are so kind. Glad you enjoy the blog post.

      I do notice you like a bold red lips look too, looking at your recent "get to know me recently" post... Perhaps you can try out the colour over the NARS counter? Who knows, it may look gorgeous on you *_^



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