Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Power of Red: The Launch of Shiseido Ultimune With Izara Aishah

Beautiful red flowers were the main theme of the decoration that Saturday afternoon at Pavilion KL, the colour RED reigned supreme as we were about to witness the launch of something pretty impressive coming from a beauty brand that has such long history (140 years to be exact!) - SHISEIDO. As always, we were enthralled by the carefully planned set-up of the concourse area by the lovely team of Shiseido Malaysia, and oh, thanks a million for having LUMINNEJ there for such a lovely event. We were at the Power of Red Tea Party for the launch of Shiseido's new skincare product, called Ultimune

Attendees like media, magazines, bloggers and the likes were pretty much happily occupied by the little fun things that one could do there - make-up touch up by the makeup artists, trying out lipstick shades from Shiseido's latest Perfect Rouge Lipstick, sealing your kiss on a contest card to stand a chance to win some prizes and catching up with some blogger friends, among other things. We were also told beforehand that Shiseido will be revealing its Ultimune brand Ambassador on that day, whom is a new up-and-coming local actress and entertainer, Miss Izara Aishah, who is more well-known in the local Malay drama scene. We actually managed to grab a few shots of her while she was doing an interview for a local TV station.

The lipstick colour we chose to put on for the contest card was RD514, a pretty deep red, glided smoothly on the lips, we felt. It was also a good time for us to do some catching up with good old blogger friends and making some new ones, while nibbling on some canapés provided and mingling into the crowd (amongst pretty young balloon boy and girl *_^).

The TV interview of Izara Aishah took longer than expected and kept most of the guests waiting, anxiously. She put on a great smile and seemed like quite a happy-go-lucky sort of a gal to us. No wonder she was being picked to be the ambassador of the new product - just comfortable being herself and the confidence will just shine through. We are quite certain Shiseido hand-picked her for her dedication to her craft and the followings that she may have garnered during this 5 years of working in the industry. Of course, having a great skin like hers is a bonus *_^

So what's this power infusing concentrate Ultimune, one may wonder?

Ultimune... immune...sounds similar? Well, you guessed it right. Like our body, we have our own immune system to fend off bacteria or harmful foreign invaders that attack our body, the same goes to our skin as well. Our skin has its own immune system that is capable of defending against the increasing environmental aggressions, our own emotional stress (aren't we all city folks these days living a really stressful life?) and all these ultimately are some of the reasons that contribute to our aging process. So, Ultimune is our skin's first line of defense, putting the power back to our own skin's immune system to fight back, restore and repair. Well, we shall look more into it in details in our future post, all right? Let's get back to the launch event, shall we?

As much as we had love to stay on and meet Izara in person but we really could not on that day, so we had to say farewell to our lovely friends at Shiseido Malaysia and perhaps missed out on the contest prizes. Nonetheless, we had such fun and look forward to another beautiful event by the brand.

Meanwhile, here to explore more about Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate and Shiseido Malaysia. This pre-serum comes in two sizes, 30ml and 50ml, each retailed at RM255 and RM355 respectively, and are now available at all Shiseido counters in Malaysia.

In the spirit of Christmas (since we are seeing all red here!), have a great Christmas celebration or we hope that you are gearing up to the cheerful occasion now and enjoy every bit of it *_^

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  1. What a fun looking event! All that red makes it look so festive too. I received a sample of this product awhile ago and now you're reminding me to track it down and try it.

    Hope you enjoy a bright and beautiful holiday Jeann!

    1. haha yes indeed. Feels like CNY already here *_^

      Well, hope to hear about your experience using Ultimune then!

      Merry merry xmas, dear friend.

  2. I know they really do have some great packaging and you really brought the event and the vibrancy of it and the color to life through your photos.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. thanks Allie, I had so much fun. If it wasn't for the delay and I had to leave earlier, it would have been perfect *_^

  3. Hi there, what a lovely event, I know the brand pretty well, the skin care is amazing! xx

    1. yeah? Which skincare of Shiseido you have tried and love? It's interesting that they have been around for so long! There must be something that they have done right *_^

      thanks for dropping by, dearie.

  4. I've heard so many good things about this brand. Seems like it is of outstanding quality. The event looked so fun and inviting too. Wish you a happy holiday season!


    1. Hi Tania,

      Yes, Shiseido is a really established brand here in Asia, even the rest of the world. Indeed it was a fun filled event. Wish you a happy happy new year too! Sorry for the late wishes and thanks for dropping by.

      Hope to see you again soon!



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