Tuesday, December 30, 2014

M.A.C Presents The Autumn/Winter 2014 Makeup Trends: Part 2 - ON REFLECTION and UNPROCESSED

In pursue of the previous two M.A.C makeup trends, Off Colour and Streamlined which we have shared, here are the two remaining ones. Equally captivating and an array of eye candy visuals stunningly showcasing the makeup styles and runway looks, we are totally in love with them. The two here are On Reflection and Unprocessed.

One captures the vibrancy of New York City glittering party-with-girlfriends-style approach while the other play up the fresh faced 60s, almost innocent young girl heading out for her first night out, both have their alluring factor and merits. Let's take a closer look at these two trends, shall we?

On Reflection
Just as textural contrasts informed the fashion collections, reflective accents are a dominant refrain for AW14. Punctuations of shine against matte provide an endless repertoire of plays on light. From neutral metallics (predominantly gold with forays into copper, pewter and silver) through to literal gloss.

Whether a burnished accent or shine, "reflective makeup inherently has a very literal 'lightness' to it which projects the features rather than recedes them." says Lyne Desnoyers. So whilst reflection this season is not about conceptual minimalism, it s a designed minimalism: thoughtfully applied with consideration on specific placement and weight of shine (from sheer balm to high vinyl), this is a luxurious, but not glamorous approach to shaping the face.

Left - "Elves in the forest or little birds, illuminated manuscripts, gilding the eye to emphasize the shape, clean and pure." Lloyd Simmonds. Lustre drops in sun rush to gild the eye to spotlight the shape. Right - "Inspired by a wolf and the moon which represent attraction and scariness at the same time." Tom Pecheux.

Be it girls looking like girls using an un-deliberate technique to apply golden shadow on her eyelids or copper sparkle pigment drawn as a thin line across the upper lash and another line just above the crease, appearing as two disconnecting lines when the eye is opened, these looks do give a fresh little perspective towards makeup for the season.

How about we don't talk about "natural" makeup anymore? Let's call it "real" instead. Because that's what a bare-faced look is really speaking about now. The Individual. Applying the tag "natural makeup" to any face created in a  palette of skin-akin tones is an outmoded concept; "Real" is not 3D-perfect skin that has had all the contours and highlights artificially added back in. Yes, all make up, by definition, not natural, but minimal makeup in AW14 is about the purely democratic idea of accentuating reality, of reveling in normality, neither masculine, nor flirtatiously pretty, neither glam nor grunge. This is, quite simply, how a strong, self-assured, cool, relevant woman today probably wants to look: like she has not tried too hard. We absolutely like the sound of this, how about you?

There is a great artisanship to creating weight and presence in the face without the literal weight of makeup, concealing around negative space and working with super nuanced textures and tints are at the technical forefront of these looks.

"It all makes the girl look more groomed and fresh but is invisible makeup," confirms Val Garland. It's about pairing down product ("Most modern women just don't wear that much makeup," comments Lucia Pieroni), but being highly specific in the choices of what you do - and don't - use.

"It's pushing home the idea that a woman's face is beautiful in its natural state, " says Terry Barber. "Skin can be beautiful in itself," adds Pieroni. "If it becomes too finessed the whole look starts to look makeup-y."

"Beauty and simplicity of really perfect-looking natural skin. Raw realism, handsome heroes, re-born skin." Val Garland.

For the above, ladyblush cremeblend blush applied diagonally down the cheeks, halfway between the blush and contour, not too glamorous or childish, but pretty.

Picture above: Bottom left - Opening the eye with fascinating eye kohl and hush cream colour base on the eyelid. "Women in a Nepalese village and paintings by Cecily Brown." Diane Kendal.

Bottom middle - care blends essential oils buffed down the centre of the face for the ultimate dewy finish. "Organic rock and roll." Christine Cocquet.

There you go, all the four AW2014 trends brought to you by M.A.C cosmetics, from a fresh face, to a streamlined look, all variations and there is so much one can adapt and play with to blend into one's daily makeup routine, which we feel are quite natural, especially the unprocessed and off colour. Again, if you wish to check out the previous two trends, here for more.

All visuals featured courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics Malaysia. Here for more latest makeup trends and products from the leading makeup brand. Embrace our individuality and celebrate our own uniqueness in beauty, no matter how we think we may look, to ourselves and to others. That applies to makeup as well, we feel. Having said that, it is always a good idea to experiment a little once in a while, it's makeup we are talking about anyway, right?

Stay luminous and happy always, lovelies *_^

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