Tuesday, December 16, 2014

[Musing] The Trail of Fatigue

Going away gave us much time to explore, at the same time, came back with a really tired mind and body, of the work that we have been doing.

Traveling on the train for eight and a half hours, with disrupted sleeps throughout the night, it didn't help... dragged our feet into our home, feeling as if our home furnitures are floating in the air, and our work place looks almost picture perfect, as if leaping out from a decor magazine. 

Head pounding a little, eyes burning, feeling almost on cloud nine, that feeling of floating on water,  wish that we could drift away, just like that, wanting to write yet eager to dive into our bed and hide underneath the blanket that feels (and tastes) almost like cotton candy to us now, at this hour (good to eat already?). 

Let's retire for the day, recharge and get back to it tomorrow then...

Visuals: On the pillow | Workplace | In the water

See you lovelies! We are back.

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