Sunday, December 21, 2014

[Inspiration] Vintage Jewelry That Is Loren Hope

Accessory can brighten up the simplest look, making everything seems complete or refreshing, especially when it is done well. We have always had a thing for something a little vintage, perhaps it is what the best from the past that we can take away from and create something new and different for the future, be it fashion, art or even a piece of jewelry that intrigue us the most. 

We came across these lookbook by an American jewelry brand called Loren Hope recently and instantly fell in love with her specially designed pieces. Each is handcrafted from carefully selected materials, which usually include accents of Austrian rhinestone, semi-precious stones, beautiful Czech glass beads and cabochons, many of which are repurposed vintage stones no longer in production. The primary metals used are often brass with a high quality gold plate. It does sound precious and interesting already.

We love for a fact that Loren as a brand embraces that whole made-at-home and stay true to its American root and Rhode Island heritage and influences style of designing. Nothing beats a great design with its culture and home influences in mind. Of course, quality and creativity will play an important part as well.

We love her simple, delicate yet somewhat with a touch of elegance and sophistication approach of designing her jewelry line. It's like plucking the stars from a bright night sky and give you that little sparkle you need to brighten up your wardrobe. One can dress them down or up for different occasions. Lovely indeed.  

Since Christmas is just around the corner, perhaps these visuals would give you some gift inspirations or spice up your holiday look of the year? See how others are wearing their pieces here.

All lookbook visuals via Loren Hope website and visuals of Loren Hope jewelry pieces collage via their instagram feed. Hope you will have a sparkly Christmas coming right up soon!

Till then, stay luminous and happy always, inside and out *_^

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