Thursday, August 27, 2015

[Inspiration] Feeling A Little Korean Kind Of Love

Perhaps it is post "just-finished-our-favourite-Korean-series" withdrawal syndrome kind of feeling, or maybe we do love these faces from that far away "dream factory" that is Korea, we are feeling like sharing with you some of our recent crushes from the Korean ad campaigns and fashion editorials. We find them really alluring in a horribly chic and modern way. Super love the styling and makeup done for them. 

Talking about the Korean series, we meant the one called Oh My Ghotess. It's a little story which is quite enchanting and entertaining. We love the natural acting of the female lead, the young and adorable Park Bo-Young a lot. The charming Jo Jung-suk did a wonderful job playing opposite the bubbly, at times troubled Park. We thoroughly enjoyed the series. We shall not give away the storyline here. Have a listen to this number from Ben called Stay (one of the tracks from the soundtrack in Oh My Ghostess) while enjoying the visuals compiled here, specially for you. 

Now is about time to catch up on more blog posts since we have done with some events these two weeks. Can't wait to share more fashion week visuals with you lovelies and more reviews on what we have been exploring. Hope you will come back for more *_^

On another note, fall is fast approaching, we are so looking forward to it (conjuring visuals of the lure of fall in our head since we don't have autumn here). All visuals via couchi-kimchi, our favourite destination for all things Korean, especially drama updates and Korean celebrities' editorials, to be precise *_^

Have a pleasant week, stay happy and luminous, always *_^

With love, 

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  1. It's super chic styling combined with flawless skin and an innocent face. <3 Beautiful!


  2. Can Song Hye Kyo be any more flawless. I'm still waiting for more of the campaign to be released to share it. I swear I would buy the entire Laneige line if skin like hers was guaranteed haha.

    The heat has been on and off in NYC lately. It's actually not bad as long as it isn't humid. And no it doens't show signs of letting up since it will be in the 90's for the first week of Sept.

    Happy weekend Jeann!

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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