Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bobbi Brown For KLFW 2015 Makeup: The Orange Accent (Part 1)

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready-To-Wear 2015 (KLFW2015) this year was super fun because we  not only got invited to some of the shows by local designer friends, but we also got an exclusive backstage pass to take a sneak peek at how the makeup sponsor, Bobbi Brown did the makeup for all the models who walked the catwalks for the designers, all thanks to the kind arrangement of our friends at Bobbi Brown Malaysia. It was a Saturday morning but we chose to show you the afternoon session makeup first, to kick start this little series as we loved the makeup looks designed for the shows. 

Third year being the makeup main sponsor for KLFW, Bobbi Brown is a makeup brand that is no stranger to anyone who loves makeup and embraces the powerful makeup in you, to enhance your natural beauty. What we loved about this look was that little orange accent under the eye, done not with any eyeliner gel or eye makeup product per se, but rather with the creative use of a lipstick (Art Stick Hot Orange), the eyelids were done with a taupe colour and the overall look was a natural one. The face was kept nude to allow the orange tint to shine through. Very refreshing, we felt, with a sense of adventure and fun to it. Uber cool. We also had a quick chat with Felix Nguyen, the Education Manager for Bobbi Brown (Asia Pacific), who shared with us some of the tips and tricks and main products that were used to create or enhance the looks during the KLFW2015. We shall share more with you in our future blog posts, all right *_^

Seeing how the makeup was done backstage was quite an adrenaline pumping experience. Makeup artists were always hard at work, at times, in between shows, if the shows ran a tad late, models came rushing in and makeup needed to be removed in order to prep and prepare for the next look already. It was quite a tough call but we saw that it was not something that the Bobbi Brown team could not handle. In fact, there were six international makeup artists being flown in to be a part of the Bobbi Brown Beauty Team to ensure all makeup ran smoothly for KLFW2015 and we believe it is also to exchange experiences and know-how in bringing the best Bobbi Brown makeup messages across.

We spotted this look on the runway show of SAVEUS by Jarred Baker (here for more), an Australian designer that day, amongst other designers' shows. The makeup looked cool on the runway. We hope you have enjoyed our visuals here and stay tuned for more updates on some of LUMINNEJ's favourite makeup looks for KLFW2105 and fashion designers' shows blog posts soon. 

All visuals by LUMINNEJ.

Here for more about Bobbi Brown and thanks again for having us at the backstage of this year's KLFW2015. Till our next adventure, have a luminous weekend ahead, lovelies *_^

With love,
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  1. Wow. I really, really want to try this streak of orange on the inner eye. It's so dramatic! Totally need a liner from Bobbi Brown.


  2. The models looks absolutely beautiful! I really admire the orange touches to the inside of the eyes, though I'm certain I could never pull off such a look haha :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. well, you never try you never know, Gabrielle. That's what makeup is all about, having fun, and experimenting.

  3. Very interesting and artsy make up! I'm a fan of Bobbi's work. She definitely knows how to make a woman shine! Glad the team backstage was on time. I can only imagine how much work it is to create those uber cool, outstanding looks. Have a wonderful week, my dear Jeann! <3

    xoxo Ira

    1. yes, super stress but fun. I love these looks too! thanks for dropping by and it's awesome to see you back!


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