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[Review] M.A.C August Picks | Creamsheen & Matte Lips With Veluxe À Trois Eyes Plus Upward Lashes

August whisked by like the gushing wind of summer, precipitously, not realizing that today is the end of it all, for us that is. While we are trying desperately to hold onto what's left, today is a special day - our nation's Independence Day, the 58th to be exact. Here we are, hoping to share with you some of our August favorites from M.A.C Cosmetics, which is long overdue by now. It just slipped our mind but managed to eventually find their way back here (luckily *_^). Hope this is still not too late for you to enjoy, or perhaps drop by to the stores to explore more yourselves. We shall get right on with it, shall we?

The August Eyes - Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow (Trio) MYR116 (2g)
Super gorgeous eyes can be easily achieved with August arrival of M.A.C Veluxe À Trois Collection. This eyeshadow trio has that sparkling element that would make most women excited, at least for us. A powder-to-cream ingenious formula glides on the eyelids smoothly and the colour-true pigment lasts pretty long on the eyelids. 

We love that irridescent look that it gives to the eyes, that pop of colours with textural effects that is quite mesmerizing. Our palette is called Claretluxe. It consists of a glittery light beige pink, a reddish copper and a deep purple shade. It comes in a compact see-through casing with a magnetic closure. The pan is rather narrow though. 

Visual courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics Malaysia
The shades are super bold and strong, not for those who shy away from strong colours for the eyes. The eyeshadows can be used dry and wet, which is cool. You can check out the rest of the shades and other products in this gorgeous range (which include matching and corresponding collection of 6 lipsticks and 6 Creamsheen Glass Shades). Here for more.

The August Eyeslashes - Upward Lash Mascara MYR106
The first thing we noticed when got the mascara was that it didn't look like one! We mistaken it for a M.A.C lipstick, only thing was it's way bigger in size (honestly *_^). Later, it hit us that this is actually a mascara. It comes in only one shade - Lashblack and it is called Upward Lash for a good reason. It does lengthens and volumizes the lashes well, dark and leaving our lashes with a glossy black finish. The head of the wand is a tad short and stumpy, it seems but apparently, its mini shape design is meant to reach even to the base of the lashes, curl them for a high-angled effect. The secret is from the moulded brush with a hollow centre that retains more mascara for instant loading onto the fringe. We love the thickness effect of this mascara, though we feel it does not separate the lashes individually well enough, so one may get a more spiky effect look rather than fan-out long lashes sort of look *_^ Here for more.

The August Lips (Matte and Creamsheen) 
M.A.C wants us to look super stunning in August with their lip offerings. Two of them we received were M.A.C Creamsheen Lipstick in Flowerscope and M.A.C Matte Lipstick in Men Love Mystery shades. The Creamsheen Flowerscope lipstick is a strong bright red. As the name suggests, sheen, most definitely and it feels pretty moisturizing, smooth and comfortable on the lips. Definitely a keeper this is. Here for more shades selection. M.A.C Creamsheen Lipstick retails at MYR74.

Visual courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics Malaysia

On the other spectrum, this out-of-this-world shade, a vampirish lavender violet Men Love Mystery matte one is just a total "mystery" to us, as we have not worn such a shade before and to be honest, we could not carry the shade well enough. Even hubby and the boys noticed it and announced, "What is this colour on your lips, dearie?" (and gave us that odd looking expression *_^). This formula is a tad too drying for us and left an unsightly stain on the lips after some drinking and eating. Here for more shades selection. M.A.C Matte Lipstick retails at MYR74.

In the spirit of Independence Day today, we love the fact that with M.A.C, one can be free to explore your own beauty in many ways possible, as long as you can imagine it, M.A.C will have something for everyone, we are pretty sure of that. If you noticed, there is still one more lippie that we have yet to let you in on, we shall leave that to our next blog post then! 

Thanks M.A.C Malaysia for the love. Discover more of M.A.C's latest offerings here. Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysians, no matter where you are, around the world! 

With love, 

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  1. Such beautiful colors from MAC. You actually took some beautiful pictures and make them looked even more desirable =D


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