Saturday, August 15, 2015

[Review] Lancôme Advanced Génifique: A Conversation With Youthful Aura

The Prelude
Lucid, lightness of being and as fluid as I am, I could feel your sense of curiosity in me, this time around, yet in a much more familiar way, but still wishing that perhaps I may be more, the moment I presented myself to you, that very evening. 

The Arrival
I came with the presence of beautiful bouquet of white roses, permeating a scent of eloquent freshness in the air, which I felt it almost took your breath away. I may have come, this time around, with a slightly different box, but nonetheless, equally hypnotic and mysterious, in a dark shining suit. You will always be able to recognize me, instantaneously, by my rose petal stamp on the box and the silvery cap, with an exquisitely designed glass body that can only be appreciated if you are a lover of beauty like me. In fact, I have become an iconic symbol that I am often referred to as, The Little Black Bottleas you may have already know. Bonjour, I am the one and only Lancôme Advanced Génifique, the youth activating concentrate.

The Conversation
Let me whisper into your ears, I have come, to elicit, that aura within you and awaken your every senses of being - the being of a woman, no matter your age. Upon my gentle touch on your skin, you would feel my weightless caress, onto your face. I adore hugging the contour of your facial structure, ever so tightly, I melt into your skin, ever so effortlessly, that leaves you hopelessly wanting for more. That is the power that I have, within me and it is also a gift from me, to you, and every woman out there, who yearns for the youthful aura, that is lit from within.

I am simply divine to touch, works on you miraculously, you will notice my wonders in just 7 days, but over time, my efficacy continues, like wine that can only be better with the passing of time. You may have signs of fatigue, you may have worries of wrinkles, dehydration, sagging, radiance, firmness, but whatever your concern, I shall make them go away, so long as you entrust me to do so, in due time. Do you begin to see what I see in you?

The Epilogue
Beauty transcends time, beauty moves beyond age, beauty is your youthful aura which is in constant conversation with you, most of all, beauty is a state of mind that can be elevated with a tactile feeling of total blissfulness, and having the courage to embrace everything about you, a better version of you. Allow me to be your confidante, will you? Your intimate heroine, if you may...

The Review
We love the packaging, the glass bottle, the watery gel-like texture that is light and easily absorbed by the skin, highly comforting and makes the skin feel rested, plumping and moist. Even hubby commented earlier today that our face looks firmer *_^ We also like the fact that the dropper delivers the exact amount required and with a quick twist of the cap, it is firmly locked, making it safe from spilling. We believe, with long-term use, skin will appear radiant, that glow that most women would love to own.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique is retailed at MYR291.50 (GST included) for 30ml, MYR381.60 (50ml) and MYR514.10 (75ml). Thanks Lancôme Malaysia for the love, once again. More about Lancôme the brand here. Catch up on their latest updates and more videos via the brand's Facebook page here and beautiful Instagram feeds here. See what these women say about what makes them beautiful, in their own way, showcasing different ages of women. Kate is among our top favourite actress, actually! To see the many facets of beauty in itself is lovely indeed.

Have a luminous and happy weekend, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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