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Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Fuente Forte Carbonated Head Spa Experience at Label S Signature Salon

We have to admit, we have not done a hair treatment or spa of any sorts before this, since we have always been having super short hair (only long hair requires such pampering or treatment and needed it more than us, at least that was what we thought), so we were equally surprised when we were approached by the renowned Scalp Care Expert brand for 100 years, Shiseido Professional Malaysia to take up a hair treatment pampering session recently. So, we thought, why not give it a try. It should fun, right? 

So, the day arrived, we presented ourselves at this beautifully set up hair salon called Label S Signature at Ara Damansara. (here for more updates via their IG feeds) It was a cosy and inviting space, equipped with even a relaxed cafe style centre-piece table and coffee maker. Of course, the star products for the day were on display as well. 

More often than not, a healthy scalp produces healthy hair (among other influencing factors like food intake, maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle and others) and more so we should pay a little extra attention if we have an overly active hair glands that produce too much oil on the scalp. Intrigued by how and why our hair lose its strength and resilience overtime, Shiseido Professional has been studying this concern for many years and discovers that the relationship between our hair and scalp has a great deal to do with it. Hence, The Hair Care Fuente Forte was debuted in 2012. (here for more) Now this year, two new products - Fuente Forte Power Beauty Drop and Fuente Forte Circulist Soda were introduced to the range. Soda? sounds quirky, right? Let's explore further, shall we?

The Shiseido Professional's latest Fuente Forte Carbonated Head Spa Treatment is a fizzy and bubbly affair, an in-salon treatment that promotes blood circulation and fosters a healthy scalp condition for healthy hair growth. It also helps to detoxify and slog away extra sebum, debris or hair clogging impurities that one may have with excessive use of styling products. 

THE FUENTE FORTE CIRCULIST CLEANSER - sample Visual by Shiseido Professional Malaysia

To begin with, the Circulist Cleanser was applied on our dry scalp, by the hairstylist. It is a soft and firm foamy white mousse textured spray, followed by a hair-detox massage. Immediately, we felt a tingling cooling sensation on the scalp, perhaps it was the Carbonic Acid ingredient that was working on the scalp to remove sebum and debris. It had a little burning sensation for us. 

Later, after rinsing off the cleanser, the Fuente Forte Shampoo was used for a deeper cleansing. It has that minty smell and quite a relaxing feel to it. It felt like our scalp was saying, "hey, this feels much better!". The shampoo was lathered and massaged into the scalp and hair. 

The next step was the Circulist Treatment. In salon, this will be done by combining the TM Gel and TM Powder (in two separate packs) to become a foamy carbonated gel. The gel was massaged into the scalp using acupressure points to stimulate blood circulation and to remove residue lipids from the scalp. This one was quite a killer for us. It had a really stinging effect. Guess our scalp went into a "cultural shock" state as it was experiencing something like this for the very first time or perhaps, too much impurities that needed to be flushed out from our scalp system. It was nice but in a "painful" manner. Luckily, we survived the "ordeal", haha *_^ But according to the hairstylist, everyone has different level of experiences, depending on one's hair and scalp condition. Some may just feel a tingling sensation. 

What came next would be the more calmer and relaxed step, which was using the Fuente Forte Treatment (much like your usual hair conditioner) to provide the scalp the moisturizing and balancing effect, in return promote resilience and a healthy scalp. For extra pampering, a generous amount of Circulist Soda was used. Spritzed and gently massaged onto the scalp, this carbonated acid bubble help to moisture and hydrate the hair further with its Iris Root Extract, invigorate with green-floral scent of Orchid element, keep the scalp healthy with Neem Leaf Extract. Its Peony Root Extract also protects scalp from adverse effect of sebum secretion. This one was really calming in a pampered manner. 

Last step of the treatment was a few drops of the Fuente Forte Power Beauty Drop (Comes in two types - for Oily or Dry Scalp). The hairstylist chose the oily one for us since we have oily scalp. Its menthol property left the scalp with a refreshing sensation. It also helps to promote blood flow with vitamin E derivative, add moisture and a whole lots of other hair goodness rolled into one sleek glass bottle with a dropper application. We love the cooling sensation of this. Just think of it as serum for your hair as would a serum for your face *_^ 

All in all, it was quite a therapeutic hair treatment experience (minus that stinging sensation). After the whole spa, our hair felt so much lighter, especially the scalp. It felt way fresher than usual and most definitely felt refreshingly clean and hair felt a little bouncier. A rejuvenated kind of experience it was. We walked out of the salon that afternoon feeling like we could conquer the world. Now, that's what we called a super great hair day!

Thanks Shiseido Professional Malaysia for the love and Edman Loh of Label S Signature Salon for the treatment. It was a memorable one indeed! Label S Signature Salon is located at E-G-5, Block E, Oasis Square, No.2, Jalan PJU1A/7A, Oasis Damansara, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (Tel: 03-7859.8783)

The Fuente Forte Carbonated Head Spa is now available at all Shiseido Professional participating salons in Malaysia (July 2015 onwards). The treatment is retailed at MYR280 and MYR180 for first trial at Label S Signature. One can also purchase the Shampoo (MYR88), Treatment (MYR111) and Power Beauty Drop (MYR128 for 60ml) to be used at home, at any time. Power Beauty Drop is used after shampoo and shower, tower-dry your hair. Gingko Leaf Extract, the key ingredient to the product will help prevent skin irritation caused by excessive sebum secretion or dryness and foster healthy hair growth. The spa treatment is suitable for especially oily hair or scalp and if you would like a detox treatment for your scalp once every month at the salon.

More about The Shiseido Professional Hair Care Fuente Forte range here. Till our next indulgence and experience, have a great start to the week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. Since when Shiseido has hair care range?! Dang it, I am soooo behind times. This is the first time I read about Shiseido hair care, definitely intriguing.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Hi Shireen,

      haha I was vaguely aware of it some years back but only really discovered it two years back when Shiseido approached me to attend one of their awards ceremony. Guess what? The hair care line is pretty good, actually. They also acquired some really top hair products brand from USA called Joico and it's been good.

      Try them if you ever get a chance *_^


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