Sunday, August 23, 2015

M.A.C Autumn/Winter 2015 Trend Presentation With James Molloy

Super awesome to always be included in M.A.C Cosmetics' Trend Presentation for how to reinterpret makeup and making it all fresh and new are the things that have always intrigued the nuts out of us and we are delighted to be a part of this reveal, season after season. To begin this blog post, we would love to thank M.A.C Malaysia for having us there that very day *_^

Honing into what makeup is truly all about, we love the fact that this makeup trendsetter brand embraces the notion that Beauty Is Diversity for its Autumn/Winter 2015.  In the constant and evolving conversation of what defines beauty today, true makeup artistry broadens the propositions and opens our eyes to inspired options of how to celebrate beauty with makeup. This time around, M.A.C brought us James Molloy, the Director of Makeup Artistry of M.A.C Cosmetics to share what's trending in the fashion and beauty industry for the season. These include the four major trends - Beautiful and Damned, Strength of Beauty, Love Worn and Red 70s.

First off, James Molloy revealed that one thing is apparent across all the four trends, it is a sense of freedom in makeup, spotted at most of the major runways of designers. It is this freedom that somewhat leads to the fact that there isn't a common thread to A/W2015. It is this refreshingly unanimous aesthetic vein that makes the season's makeup trends super exciting! 

The means are as diverse as the ends. As makeup artists pull energy and inclinations from a varied mash-up of eras, attitude and artistic techniques playing with paradoxes - particularly that of hard versus soft (in respect of attitude, colour, texture and technique) - results this season in makeup that are as strong, dynamic, creative - and polarizing.

"It's a radical season, very dark and light," explains Terry Barber of the fact that makeup is polarized between dark anarchy and light romance. The challenge being that of how to play with touch, and tender, beauty in one makeup. "There are many propositions of how to dress the face, modernity is not about complying to one look." agrees Lyne Desnoyers. After seasons of variants on "natural" being the dominant riff in beauty, artists are now reconsidering and reinventing beauty classics.

James Molloy demonstrated the four major trend looks on four models and each had quite distinctive interpretation of how makeup was made new through the contrasting trends with different makeup products and techniques used by James. We were particularly surprised by how using a brush to apply and twirl around the lips, the classic red lips, through the Red 70s trend took on a varied look, all together. We shall share with you more on each trend look in our future blog posts to come *_^

Shortly after the presentation, we also had a chance to have a quick chat with James in person. We shall let you in on what we have talked about - all makeup and what not, most definitely! The day ended with a delightful lunch and that was indeed a beautiful affair (plus walking away with the A/W2015 trend book really made our day). Thanks M.A.C Malaysia for the love and you can discover more of the brand here. Till then, have a great week ahead, lovelies. Stay tuned for more updates then *_^

With love, 
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  1. MAC is always at the forefront of makeup and beauty trends so it's always cool to see what new with them. I'm in love with that icy smoky eye look. Sounds like you had a lovely time Jeann! Happy new week!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. I love this trensetting brand. MAC is always on point! The Strength of Beauty is my fave theme followed by Red 70s because both are very beautiful natural looks. And for sure polarizing of the dark and light effects. Thank you for sharing MAC's trends with us, Jeann!
    Happy Hump Day, my dear!

    xoxo Ira


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