Thursday, August 11, 2016

[Inspiration | Musing] This Summery Blue and White, Escaping The Black

We fall in love with that soft summery blue this season, mingled with that ever so beautiful black and white, almost so raw, yet captivated by its pure essence of how beautiful is spelt, across a space that is almost so surreal, yet grounded in existence.

We took a walk in the sun, between the beating summer sun and the alleys, at times, we stopped and observed the little corners which we could hide away and just be ourselves, talking into the humid thick air, as if someone is listening, right around the corner, it is crazy yes, but it is so fulfilling, or paint ourselves a little painting that make no sense but filled our hearts with pockets of happiness and joy.

Say you love me forever, and you will never stop, even though I am a little off beat, even though I may seem naive. Say it with conviction, I want to hear it loud and clear. 

We believe those were the words echoing in the alley, back and forth, that summer afternoon. We are almost pretty sure of that. This summer, it seems just like that. How does your summer look and sound, so far?

Visual 1 blue stripes and white | Visual 2 mind the minimal | Visual 3 & 5 black and white | Visual 4 & 7 blue jeans | Visual 6 hanging ornaments

With love, 
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