Monday, August 22, 2016

[Review] NARS Limited Edition Organism Blush & Orgasm Illuminator

When we first heard that we will be sent NARS new limited edition Orgasm Blush and Illuminator, we were secretly grinning, not that it ignite our wildest imagination in the most sensual way, haha, but the fact that we kept wondering why we have yet to try out this long touted and iconic beauty product from NARS all these while. So, naturally, we were super excited and intrigued by the idea of finally owning one and get to play with it ... the blush we meant, applying it onto our cheeks *_^

NARS Limited Edition Orgasm Blush (8g at MYR169)
This new limited edition Orgasm Blush is what NARS calls, their biggest ORGASM yet! Indeed it comes with 8g of content compared to the normal 4.8g (at MYR120), so one is getting more product at a relatively good price. Comes in a signature black rubbery finishing casing with a built-in mirror, it looks sleek aesthetically but overtime, one will realise it catches dust and finger prints so easily that one may be irritated if you are an OCD or likes your makeup items to stay pristine and clean-looking all the time *_^ 

Since we have not tried the normal orgasm, we are not too sure how different is this one from that, but we did read some other reviews online that this limited edition one has a more pinkish tone to it. As for us, we feel that this 5192 shade suits us really beautifully, it has the most natural finish look on our cheek, as if giving them a flush of pink that gives off that hint of blush after a good orgasm (oops, no, just kidding), we meant after a good run in the park. It also has some shimmery glitters, though it is not obvious from the visuals here, but it is not something which is overpowering once we applied it onto our cheek. It just blends in with the skin ever so effortlessly, which we absolutely adore. 

We did notice that even though it looks pigmented, but it does not build up to a really strong shade of pink upon multiple layers of application. It just remains just nice, which is exactly what we like. If you love your blush strong and intense, then this may not be what you are looking for. If you love a natural finishing look, and have not own any of NARS orgasm blusher before, this would be a great choice to start off with. The only set back for us, with this one is the ingredients. It contains paraben. We seriously hope that NARS would look into this in the future and eliminate such commonly known harmful ingredients from such an otherwise beautiful beauty product. Here for more details. So, #whatmakesyoublush, lovelies? Seriously, we know you want to tell us your secrets, don't you!

NARS Orgasm Illuminator (30ml at MYR117)
We know, we know, we are so out of place if we told you this is our very first illuminator from NARS that we have used, but honestly, it is. Comes in a clear tube, this one screams, "look at me, I am super gorgeous and sexy and I know you want me!" Yes, we did, when we first received it. It just looked so tantalising and appealing and if you had followed us long enough, you would know we love all things with a little of that iridescent finishing that gives off that glow on our face *_^ 

This Orgasm Illuminator, like any other shades in the family, is a light-reflecting liquid that glides on the skin to not only reflect and draw light to one's face, but also to give off that lit from within glow. Yes, this one does all the above and more. It can be applied all over the face or used as a highlighter or it can be worn under, over or mixed with your foundation. It has a pinkish warm coral tone to it and as much as we love it as a highlight, it does not compliment our medium skin tone as much as we had hoped for. It makes the skin looks quite pinkish red. We feel lighter shades from the family, perhaps like Copacabana may work better for us. Having said that, we most definitely love the shimmery finishing that this product leaves on the skin. Here for more.

All in all, we enjoy the Orgasma Blusher slightly more the Orgasm Illuminator, but who knows, perhaps with more frequent usage, we may find other ways to make it work better for us. We did have this kind of experience before, with other beauty products that we have tried previously. Shall leave you with a video on how to use Orgasim Blusher. Have a look. Here for more about NARS Cosmetics as a brand. Thanks NARS Malaysia for the love, always.

If you had followed us via our favourite social media platform, Instagram here, you would probably know that we had quite a busy weekend at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 (KLFW2016) as it was just over. It was tiring, but nonetheless fun, to head out and support some of our local fashion designers. 

Have a beautiful new week ahead, lovelies and stay happy and luminous always!

With love, 
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