Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[Inspiration] Take A Look At Me, August

Winding down July with a quick getaway to rekindle that friendship forged many years back, memories remained intact while new ones were being made the moment we sat down. Laughters filled the night air, our heart was so full that it felt like it would burst and flow a river of happiness. We realised we have forgotten how to laugh so hard that our chest hurts, we have forgotten how to just let it all go...

The late morning sun, the sea beaming with golden hues, that turquoise blue that paints our heart bright that Sunday morning was truly a welcoming one, right here. Taking in all that nature has to offer, in solitude, that quiet moment, feeling the beating of the warm summer sun against our bare skin made us feel terribly hot but alive. We utterly needed that silence, that silence of the mind to soothe that restless heart. Believe, believe that all is beautiful, with the arrival of August.

What are you looking forward to this new month, lovelies? May all that are magical and peaceful fill your heart!

All visuals compiled via LUMI's Pinterest here. Sexy In Bed | Everything Beautiful | Simple & Significant | Sensual Under The Shade | Blue Beaming Ocean | Hair In The Wind

With love, 
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