Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Introducing Platinum Customize Innovative Treatment By Celmonze Paris

A little cosy beauty salon tucked away within Damansara Uptown, one would not have noticed that there is such a little gem, a dainty but relaxing enough space to get a high end facial treatment done for a much better and radiant complexion. What's more that the brand does not only offer facial treatments, but also slimming options, beauty courses and much more. Today, let us introduce you to a facial treatment which we had the pleasure to experience recently, from a brand that may ring a bell to some of you out there - Celmonze Paris

Sit back, relax and take a little tour with us and your interest may be piqued to check out their latest new facial that offers an upgrade to your skin, yes, a mightier skin, according to the Malaysia team of experts at Celmonze Paris here. We believe, especially for those who frequent beauty salons for facial treatments, one would be keen to know what is the latest technology available in the market. This is one which may surprise you. So, let us begin, shall we, lovelies?

More precious than silver and rarer than gold. The mere mention of the word Platinum brings to mind the finest privileges that is top notch and first-class. As a mineral, platinum is also known to be extraordinarily high in antioxidants. Naturally, with its ability to deliver a powerful anti-aging performance, Celmonze introduces this facial called Platinum Customize.

According to the brand, by using Nanotech Science, Celmonze have successfully transformed platinum, one of earth's rarest elements with strong antioxidant properties, into 99.99% Platinum Colloid. This highly absorbable form of platinum will then be pumped into the skin for maximum effectiveness during facial treatment. Complementing this treat is 5 potent, customizable Platinum Concentrate Cocktails, made of stellar ingredients like Apple Stem Cells, Marine Collagen, Vitamin A, E and F, Matrxyl®, Argireline® and natural plant extracts.

Celmonze Platinum Customize Professional Treatment
After knowing the sort of powerful ingredients that we will be experiencing, with the quick introduction and explanation by the beauty consultant at Celmonze, we were eager to get started. We were then guided into a small cosy room one floor up, to get prepared for our facial treatment for the day. Here is what we did for that day. 

Phase 1 - Preparation: Cleanse and Tone
It is a basic step to remove impurities and traces of oil from our face, even though we did not apply makeup that morning. 

Phase 2 - Exfoliation: Platinum Exfoliating Gel
Platinum Exfoliating Gel is a dark paste scrub that consist charcoal powder and glycerin. We were told that this scrub is meant to be applied a layer and leave on, it will work its wonders with gentle exfoliating action, soften skin texture and stimulate cellular renovation. It is pretty cooling and relaxing.  

Phase 3 - Repair: Booster I, 99.99% Platinum Nano-Colloid infused with Platinum Concentrate Cocktail customized to individual skin
This is when the cocktail is being mixed right before the application on our face. It is actually from that small little plastic vile you see here. It boosts immunity, helps promote deep hydration, revitalizes skin for a youthful glow, rejuvenates skin elasticity, firming and lifting effect, which is called Idealift™.

Phase 4 - Rejuvenate: Platinum Complex and Platinum Cream
By this time, we were super relaxed and was so ready to soak in whatever that would come next, which are some powerful youth activators with the products applied. They are strong anti-wrinkle defence, deep lines reduction, instant redness reduction, cell reconstruction trigger and active circulation. All these could only be possible with ingredients like Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7, Palmitoyl Oligipeptide, Caviar Extract, Vitis Vinfera and Fucus Vesiculosus.

Phase 5 - Restore: Platinum Rejuvenate Mask
Made up of ingredients like Algin, Calcium Sulfate, Sodium Acsorbate Phosphate, this rejuvenating mask helps to stimulate cellular energy and alleviate oxidative stress. It was actually very calming and deeply soothing. We believe our face loved and enjoyed every bit of that moment.

Phase 6 - Repair: Booster II, 99.99% Platinum Nano-Colloid infused with Platinum Concentrate Cocktail customized to individual skin
This was actually the same concoction from the earlier first booster that we had, we feel it was to double up the efficacy and power up the goodness of the treatment.

Phase 7 - Final Touch: Platinum Complex and Cream & Celmonze Sun Protection SPF25 ++
We were almost at the end of our facial treatment at this point. An addition to this step was the sun screen added to complete our facial treatment. Our beautician also threw in some really relaxing quick neck massage and our treatment was done.

All in all, it was a really refreshing facial treatment. The products used were luxurious and felt really comforting. Our face was definitely glowing with refreshed vitality. It is plumped and supple, to say the least. The skill of our beautician was commendable, and it made it the more fun when she is friendly and informative during our entire treatment. Good to note that some treatments do come with their specific home care skincare series which can be obtained if one is keen to further enjoy the benefits and longevity of the treatments, at the comfort of your home. This Platinum Customize is one of them.

Let us not be confused. The brand is a big group that houses different brands beneath this huge group. Like we mentioned before, the brand does not only specializes in beauty treatments for the face, but also body (award-winning, mind you *_^) and with the education portion thrown in, it is a comprehensive and almost a one-stop solution for pampering and learning for those who are keen to pursue a career in this area. A laid back ambience coupled with varied treatments targeted for different skin concerns to choose from, Celmonze Paris Malaysia is most definitely the place to consider.

Thanks Celmonze Paris Malaysia for the special invite for us to experience such a professional facial treatment. Here for more about the brand and here for more in depth details about the Platinum Customize Treatment. Parking around the area could be a challenge, so go earlier before your appointment. You can find the beauty salon here:

Celmonze Sdn Bhd
105 & 107, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : +603 77259925

Note that compensation was provided for the purpose of this review. Our thoughts on the experience is entire our own. Till our next beauty pampering adventure, stay luminous and happy always, lovelies *_^ 

With love, 
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