Thursday, August 18, 2016

[Review] The Absolutely Marvellous And Refreshing Mamonde First Energy Essence and First Energy Serum

The wonders of nature that is flowers bring forth a Korean brand that knows best in how to harness the goodness of them, and infuse them gorgeously into their beauty products, especially their skincare range. Yes, we are talking about the lovely Korean brand, Mamonde, which we have come to discover recently during their media preview launch here and have fallen in love with, deeply. 

The Powerful Duo
Formulated with the Floral Biotics Technology, this newly formulated pair from Mamonde called the First Energy Essence and First Energy Serum have recently been upgraded with the antioxidant Lactobacillus that is extracted from the Honeysuckle flowers. The Lactobacillus is blended together with fermented 'Flower Vinegar' (which takes approximately one year to ferment and produce) to provide the skin with greater synergy and effect, and therefore enhancing the anti oxidative activities beneath the skin. Furthermore, the plant-derived Lactobacillus also helps to promote skin's immunity, leaving the skin less susceptible to external aggression. These two beauty products are basically skincare boosters.

Please don't be confused, for this Korean brand, Essence and Serum are basically the same thing (except for their name) and serve the same functions and has the same properties. Do note that however, the same cannot be said for other Korean brands as not all brands label their essences or serums the same. The difference is the texture and for different skin types. Essence are for combination to oily skin where else serum are more suited for normal to dry skin. Generally, essences are more lightweight than serums. 

Rule of thumb, since these are skincare boosters, they are meant to be used as a first step to your skincare after cleansing, after toner or softener. Both products are made up of 81.31% of the one-year fermented Flower Vinegar that will aid in increasing density of the skin for transparency and uniformity of the skin, overall. This natural fermentation of all parts of the honeysuckle flowers also contains antioxidant Polyphenol with high anti-oxidant level. 

Mamonde First Energy Essence (150 ml at MYR119)
Comes in a sturdy looking plastic bottle, we immediately love the simple design of it, especially the slight concave white cap. This essence is water-based and it is very runny, and colourless. Upon application, our skin feels as though it is bathed in floral-infused water that is super lightweight yet forms like a thin layer of film enveloping our face and neck. It is absolutely refreshing and comforting. 

Honestly, we have never experienced such a great texture as smooth as this essence. Our skin are so in love with it! The subtle floral scent smells natural to us. Skin feels more suppled, relaxed and plumped with moisture and hydration. We use this day time though since it is lightweight and does not weigh down our skin. It also makes makeup application so much smoother and easier. Totally a winner! 

Mamonde First Energy Serum (100ml at MYR119)
This serum is an emulsion with a slight whitish in colour and smooth texture. You pump out the product in your palm and massage into the skin. Though it is a tad heavier than the essence but still feels really light on our skin, without the feeling of stickiness after application. It absorbs well into the skin too, leaving it happy and satisfied. We used this at night for obvious reasons. Love this one as well. 

The use of boosters and incorporate them into a daily routine is beneficial as they actually enhance the efficacy of other skincare which one may apply after that. Three weeks into it, we could see the difference it makes. Skin are more hydrated, most definitely. Both products win us over with its texture. 

Thanks Mamonde Malaysia for the love and opportunity to try out the products. We have also attended the official launch of the brand just recently at AEON One Utama Shopping Mall, Cosmetics Floor and we are pretty sure that lots of lovelies would be pleased to know that such a beautiful Korean brand has landed on our Malaysian shore. Here for more about the brand and you can also keep yourself updated via their Instagram feed here and Facebook here.

Till our next beauty exploration, have a magical and happy week, lovelies *_^ 

With love, 
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