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[Review] Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact SP50 PA+++ | A Natural Comforting Look

If you had read about it previously here, you would have known how lovely and healthy that morning was for us, to have spent some time with the brand, Bobbi Brown, getting to know their spring offerings. Today, we would love to share with you one of the beauty products which is a main stay from the gorgeous brand - the Skin Foundation Cushion Compact SPF50 PA+++, a very first cushion from Bobbi. Yes, the cushion craze is still going strong in the beauty industry, and we feel it is one to stay.

We feel Bobbi has put in quite some thoughts into designing this very first cushion for her brand. Immediately, one would notice it looks quite different from the usual pre-soaked compact from the Korean counterparts. The liquid foundation does not saturate the cushion till first use. According to Bobbi Brown, this cushion is indeed special due to its capsule technology and airtight packaging (this helps minimise drying and preserves the longevity and freshness of the formula).

Skin friendly and boosting ingredients and high protection
Caffeine and Lychee are two of the ingredients that work to replenish skin's energy, instantly and over time. Anti-irritant Pink Silk Tree Extract helps calm and soothe irritation from everyday environmental factors to keep the skin fresh and rejuvenated. An infusion of potent moisturisers within the concentrated formula work to strengthen skin and help boosts its barrier against external pollution. We love the sound of this already *_^ Furthermore, it comes with SPF50, with PA+++, so it delivers high level of UVA/UVB sun protection, which is a plus point.

Innovative Packaging
Yes, the compact comes in capsules style, at one glance, one may think that they are these coffee capsules you pop into the coffee machine and make yourself a cuppa every morning, if you had one coffee machine of such. Pretty cool. The casing comes with a huge hole, where you would place your capsule in and snap tight. 

The Experience
The puff is quite solid and feels high quality with a slight rubbery feel to it, but comfortable upon contact with our skin. It is nicely tugged away within the separate compartment. Housed in a liquid-to-go compact, one will notice that there is a tiny hole in the middle of this white compact when you first peal off the seal or foil lid. The liquid foundation will only dispense when you lightly press onto the cushion, the reason is that one can control how much product you would like to use each time, which we feel is great, as it is also hygienic this way.

With a cushion, it is always a patting motion during application. The formula feels lightweight and cooling on the skin upon application. It also has a soothing faint scent to it that smells natural, and it is not something artificially awkward. You can almost be sure that they are nourishing ingredients. With skin tone-correcting pigments, this cushion finishes with a natural look, silky in texture and blends really well into our skin. It leaves the face looking a tad dewy, which is not too much, but lovely. It covers our pigmentation quite well if we build up the coverage a bit further, without looking caky or flaky. We would not say it's long-wearing on us, at most 4 to 6 hours depending on what we do for the day. The thing with compact is that it makes it so much easier for touch-ups *_^

Visuals compiled, courtesy of Bobbi Brown Malaysia

Honestly, if you really want to achieve that flawless super glowing look that you see here on Claudia Kim featured above, we feel you need more than just this cushion compact (perhaps some glowing primer or highlight products on top of your foundation, and obviously, great lighting helps *_^). Nonetheless, this is one great cushion that we love, amongst others, and had been reaching out very often since we received it. Best part is that, it comes in 6 shades that cater to our Asian skin tone (Porcelain, Extra Light, Light, Light to Medium, Medium and Medium to Dark), which has a yellow undertone, very signature of Bobbi.

This Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact SPF50, PA+++ retails at MYR185 (compact + 1 refill). Refill is sold separately as well at MYR145 each. Thanks Bobbi Brown Malaysia for the love and good time. Looking forward to more beautiful discovery with your brand. Here for more about Bobbi Brown.

Stay luminous and happy always, lovelies as it will be weekend soon!

With love, 
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  1. My god, your pictures are killing me! I can't even stop gaping long enough to focus on your texts hahaha *sorry*

    Shame that it doesn't last long! Do you think a primer will prolong its longevity? And how would you rate this cushion if you had to compare it with the other cushions in your collection?

    1. awww thanks thanks blair *_^ yes, primer does help to keep it on the face slightly longer. I would rate this pretty high amongst the cushions that I have tried, though not a lot enough, I feel (the ones that I have tried are Innisfree, Dior, Lancome, Laneige and this one, Bobbi Brown.

  2. I never really did get into the cushion foundation hype, the whole patting motion just threw me off. Initially I like how different the whole concept is but after a few tries, I got tired of the application method and went back to using my fingers or brush. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. haha, Shireen I guess we all have our own preference. I don't mind the patting coz I do find it really convenient and love the finishing of cushions *_^ Having said that, I still use the conventional ways of applying foundation.

  3. It was very interesting to read this review. I love my cushion compacts and it's been cool to see more Western companies getting into the game as well. I'm curious about them but I might be too attached to the Asian ones that I already use and love. The capsule technology and airtight packaging sounds really good especially since it prolongs the life of the cushion. I'd love to see that incorporated into more cushions. Bummer that the formulation of the product didn't wear or last that long but nice that it has a good range of shades to choose from. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jeann!

    1. haha yes, I guess we are still very much into the idea of Korean cushions, but I do feel that the Western counterparts are catching up on this too. So far, the two cushions I find work really well for me are this BB one and the Lancome one. Even the Dior is really lovely too *_^


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