Saturday, June 25, 2016

[Inspiration | Musing] A Celebration of Small Things

More often than not, we are entangled by our immediate work at hand, we push ourselves on and on, without realising that we actually need a breather between the heaps of work, piled up over time. That was how we felt, over these couple of weeks, for our little space here. Time seems to be slipping away, ever so easily, almost like playing tricks on us. Overwhelmed we were, but as we pulled back a little and took a closer look, there were pockets of little delights that put a smile on our face.

For instance, over time, we made friends through our beloved social platform, instagram here. We found new friendships in places that we least expected, and finally meet these lovely women, in person, over time. Our connections with blogger friends from afar, give us that inspiration we much needed to keep our passion for writing and visuals alive, like the fuel to our soul, it uplifts and renews our interest, time and time again.

Finding and meeting creative people, from their respective fields, who are willing to share with us, very much openly, what pushes them ahead, to do what they do, everyday are some of the most fulfilling feeling we get, out of our blogging work here. Perhaps we all need to celebrate the ordinary, celebrate those small little moments that come our way, celebrate the simple things, in order for us to have a better perspective of our hectic life these days, one that we may be easily absorbed into and drown ourselves with. 

Let's celebrate the beauty in life and enjoy such moments. We are very certain, you would be able to find yours, if you slow down and take a little peek. These little lovely macarons, specially written heart-felt message and thank you card, are some of those things that remind us to keep searching for that little beauty and happiness. Innisfree No-Sebum celebrates its 10th year anniversary since its introduction in 2007 this month! So, head over to an Innisfree store near you to find your limited-edition happy-version, while stocks last, lovelies. About Innisfree here.

Visual 1 Fireworks in hand and Little Things | Visual 2 | Visual 5

Have a luminously happy weekend! 

With love, 
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