Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Lancôme Énergie De Vie Launch | An Energised Refreshing Afternoon

Bonjour! We first noticed Énergie De Vie this new range from the beautiful French brand, Lancôme was, yes, you guessed it right, over at Instagram (since we spent quite an amount of time there), and it instantly caught our eyes - that refreshing one-of-a-kind type of green, almost bursting with some sort of energy, as if it will spill over, right out of our mobile screen *_^ Not too long after, the universe answered our call. An invitation came from the Lancôme Malaysia team, requesting our presence at their media launch (we secretly danced a happy dance that day! haha). So, there we were, at the beautiful Greyhound Cafe, which had been turned into a lush green garden that very afternoon, and we knew, somehow, it would be an interesting day. 

Instantly, we had a crush on Lily Colins, her campaign ad for the range is amazingly beautiful, to us. We could not get our eyes off her here. The team quickly took us for a quick round tour, we have the product range corner, the music corner, the photo booth corner, a Lily Colin's look-alike-pose contest, as well as a green DIY corner, which would be revealed much later, we were told. 

According to the Lancôme team, Énergie De Vie range is the brand's latest hydration and anti-aging skincare range, drawing inspiration from the Asian Korean skincare concept, putting hydration at the core of the collection, very aptly incorporated is that #MadeOfEnergy theme, going hand-in-hand with the ideology behind it. There are 5 products from the range, with the Énergie De Vie The Smoothing & Glow Liquid Care being the star product, leading the way. The other beauty products include the Pearly Wake-up Lotion, the Dullness Relief & Energy Recharge Daily Lotion, the Water-Infused Cream and the Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask. With a slogan like "Made of Unstoppable Energy", it most definitely got the guests' interest piqued that day.

What are the main ingredients within the range, one may wonder? Take for instance, the Liquid Care, it is a combination of high concentration of hydrating agents, coupled with 3 antioxidant-rich and energising plant extracts - French Melissa leaves, Goji Berries and Gentian. Looking at the busy lifestyle of today's women (and men), Lancôme believes hydration and energy harnessed in a bottle (with great fluidity in terms of texture for better skin absorption) is the key to combat dullness, roughness or dehydration of the skin to reveal a more revitalised and glowing skin, so that you are prepared to face anything that comes your way. A great idea indeed, we feel. 

Our first impression? A really fluid texture indeed. We were also treated to a DIY session, having the chance to put together our very own terrarium to bring home, as well as choosing one song that we think best represent the highest energy level and at the end of the session, with the most voted song, a winner was picked among those who voted for that song. All in all, it was a super fun and refreshing session, one can trust Lancôme to throw a relaxing and informative media launch. What not to love, with great new skincare discovery, lovely team and delectable healthy green-inspired canapé from the cafe, right? It was most definitely a thoughtful and well-planned and executed affair! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the team *_^

We labeled our terrarium LOVE ME TENDER, note to self to take good care of this little fella.

Thanks Lancôme Malaysia for having us and for that little present, our very own terrarium. We shall keep you lovelies posted on how we find the brand new Énergie De Vie The Smoothing & Glow Liquid Care soon. So, stay tuned for more. The entire range will be in store in Malaysia starting July 2016 onwards. 

To know more about the brand, you can head over to Lancôme's official website here or their Facebook page here. Hope you lovelies are having an awesome week so far! 

Till our next beauty adventure, stay happy and luminous always *_^ 

With love, 

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  1. Seems like the Western brands are starting to follow Asian skincare brands footsteps. And I'm starting to notice more and more products having Goji berries as ingredients. I wonder is it as effective as a topical application?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Indeed they are incorporating the Asian elements in their skincare .. Don't think it's meant for topical application though, Shireen


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