Friday, June 3, 2016

Introducing The Gorgeous New Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation SPF20

It is not often we visit the local Shiseido Malaysia's office but If you receive an invite to drop by, it would most often be something pretty exciting coming your way. That morning, it was exactly that, looking beautiful as this long-standing and popular Japanese beauty brand, Shiseido was about to unveil and introduce to us, the bloggers and media their latest innovative face product, aptly called Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation via an interactive workshop and demo session. So, off we went to have a great time and be mesmerised by the simple yet lovely set-up!

What we love about this Shiseido's latest creation is the technology behind it, a liquid foundation that is designed to be intuitive enough to adapt to different skin tone, recognise skin conditions and then adjust to one's skin tone, beautifying an individual's beauty without masking or covering it up - one foundation that syncs with the skin to reveal its true beauty, vitality and splendour. How does this synchronisation work, one wonders? As the experts at Shiseido Malaysia shared with us that morning, it works in 4 ways.

1. Synchronisation with skin condition
2. Synchronisation with skin tone
3. Texture that comforts and inspires confidence
4. Ingredients with skin-supporting powers

Synchronisation with skin condition
Micro-Fit Polymer repels oil (sebum) and water (sweat) and that Sebum Absorbing Powder absorbs them, so that smooth, just-applied-looking finish lasts for hours. Time Match Powder is made to reflect the optimal amount of light for the amount of oil (sebum). With less oil comes more clarity, more luster. 

Synchronisation with skin tone
This new technology creates light that plays up skin beauty, enhancing each skin tone. Transparent Correcting Polymer lets natural skin tone show through while correcting unevenness like pores and roughness, for a natural healthy look, in the light. Transparent Colour Pigment EX produces clear brilliant colours without dullness upon application to the skin. 

Texture that comforts and inspires confidence
Airy cushion formula - the revolutionary structure of Powder Network that helps give the foundation an extraordinary light, smooth texture, as though forming a thin veil over the skin, a much thinner layer compared to ordinary foundation, fits evenly. 

Ingredients with skin-supporting powers
Formulated with skincare ingredients selected for their abilities to maintain skin's healthy-looking, optimal state. Mother of Thyme Extract provides anti-oxidant protection against environmental aggression that causes dry skin. Hypericum Extract diminishes roughness to help normalise turnover for a beautiful smooth complexion. Hydro-Sensing-Polymer Glycerin, moisturising ingredients that keep moisture and help retain them.

Our experience with Shiseido NEW Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation SPF20
It comes in a sturdy glass bottle, with a transparent plastic cap. The concave bottle silhouette makes it look immediately different and stands out from the usual liquid foundation bottle. Shiseido comes up with 13 new colour shades to satisfy a wider range of skin tones, taking care of women, globally, which is awesome. The shade that the makeup artiste picked out for us that morning is Golden 3, a yellow based natural shade that fits our skin tone.

Shake well before use, dispense two pumps on the back of our hand, we apply this quite runny looking foundation with the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush, it glides onto our skin super nicely. Using this brush, it may not seem that it picks up a lot if you look at the brush, but once you sweep the brush on to the face, the product is enough to cover the area. The brush is a dream to work with, so is the Synchro Skin foundation! It fits the skin almost like a glove and we notice after the application, the shade does adjust ever so slightly to match our face. Truly gorgeous. It is a medium to build able coverage, fluid texture and finishes to a semi-matte look. We do not need powering, unless you feel like you want a even more matte look than it already is. We prefer to keep it not too matte. Non-comedogenic and dermatologist-tested, we only wish that it has slightly higher SPF sun protection factor though, other than that, we feel Shiseido has nailed it with this new foundation, definitely a winner for us. We also realised that applying the foundation with our fingers work well too *_^

Other complimentary makeup products that we received work equally well. This Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer (Natural Light 22 Shade) has a relatively rich texture but feels light and soft on the skin, it does not look cakey after application or settle into fine lines. We have been enjoying this one of late. Another favourite from this compilation is the Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer.

This Shiseido's exclusive formulation primer takes advantage of light technology, optically transforms the skin into an ideal base or canvas, which is light-diffusing, for your next foundation application. It has a glowing effect, glides on the skin in a lovely manner, effortlessly and its moisturising agent, the Super Hydro-wrap Vitalising DE leaves skin feeling comfortable and supple. It does give the skin a vibrant, natural look, which we really love and we love how it feels on the skin! The glow is not overly exaggerated, but enough to liven up your complexion. Gorgeous indeed.

Like we mentioned earlier, you will not need to powder your face if the Shiseido Synchro Skin is used, but if you would like a more matte finish, this Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder may just come in handy. Comes in a lovely jar with the most pretty looking puff, it feels super soft on our skin. The loose powder is white in colour and finely milled, almost untraceable after application. We use it sparingly for our T-zone area on our combination skin to help keep our foundation longer lasting a tad compared to without any powder at all.

All in all, it was a great learning session hosted by Shiseido Malaysia and we were even presented a little surprise towards the end of the morning. Each of us walked away with our own artist rendered of our self portrait! A nice lovely touch there and we feel her sketch on us is pretty spot on, right?

The NEW Shiseido Synchro Skin Liquid Lasting Foundation is retailed at MYR155 for 30ml. Here for more details on the foundation and its shade selections and here to know more about the brand, if you have not already *_^ If you are an instagram lover just like us, here for more updates from the brand. Thanks Shiseido Malaysia for having us. It was a pleasant morning after all.

Hope you lovelies are having a great week so far, we shall be busy on shoots for these two days. Chat soon *_^

With love, 
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  1. What a wonderful presentation! I've always had a fondness for the Shiseido brand because it was my mom's favorite when I was growing up. She had a friend who worked for the company who always got her great discounts and freebies as well. I don't wear traditional foundation but this one sounds really cool since it has the ability to adapt to different skin tones. Your portrait came out great Jeann!

    Actually if you read my posts, then you'd know that I'm not really as fascinated by Song Joong Ki himself as much as the Song Song couple. I think he's a good actor and person but he's really more interesting to me because of his relationship with Song Hye Kyo. Anyway you'd probably be surprised by who my actual K-celeb crush is ;p I think I've only mentioned it once on the blog. He's a very famous comedian.

    Happy new week my friend!

    1. Yes Rowena! Most definitely get what you mean about the brand since it has been around for ages, I even had an auntie who used to work for Shiseido and that's the only job she had, for her entire life!

      She must have loved the brand that much to stay so long *_^ oh I am still a liquid foundation girl *_^

  2. Looks like a cool event and I love how cute that brush is haha


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