Thursday, June 30, 2016

M.A.C Trends SS16: All or Nothing Part 2

Having attended the M.A.C Trends Autumn/Winter 2016 presentation earlier today, it is high time for us to bid farewell to the Spring/Summer 2016 trends here today to make it official. Goodbye spring, hello summer, the trendy M.A.C way. We featured the SS16 trends in our previous first parter here, now let's dive into the remaining sub-trends from the two major ones - ALL or NOTHING.

Taking the highly crafted and creative idea of facial jewellery and adornment and translating it into makeup has gained traction since last season. A kooky lash, a naive liner, and out-there lip... These are tweaks of stylish eccentricity. Makeup is now viewed as an alternative form of accessories, as an extension of fashion more than a beautifying tool. These supremely confident statements project an attitude of beautiful contemporaneity - they are as simple as they are empathetically bold; jolts of kaleidoscopic colour in unexpected proportions worn against a simply prepared skin are singular, uncomplicated, free of pretence... and, importantly, playful and fun. "This isn't makeup that takes itself too seriously," explains Terry Barber. "It searches for an experimental, youthful and dynamic spirit that brings a beautiful and unexpected ornamentation to the face," agrees Lyne Desnoyers. "There is a real vibrancy to these looks... they're energetic." The sub-theme of the ALL theme we are sharing here today are Hot Cherry and Crayon.

Hot Cherry
A strong lip (more recently, worn on a bare face) is a statement beyond seasonal trend. What subtly updates red lips for now is that they are easy and youth-based as opposed to grounded in grown-up glamour.

"Red lips are the ultimate democratic beauty accessory; all women can make them their own," says Lyne Desnoyers. "They are pushed to the max this season - in terms of colour and texture (either high-shine or matte) but the rest of the face is so minimal that they have a casual feel."

The crayola-like spectrum pigments presiding over this season have a primary brightness, saturation and sense of naive spontaneity to their application. "There is such a new enthusiasm for colour, especially primary brights," notes Gordon Espinet. Worn as solitary gestures (there is a definite straightforwardness to wearing just one colour that looks impeccably modern), "There is nothing retro or nostalgic about these bright colours or their placement," says Terry Barber.

Luminosity is the new sculpting. "We are seeing a play on light take on a super elegant rather than high-tech feel. Strobe cream makes the skin appear incredibly precious and super expensive; it just looks like impeccably refined skin," says Lyne Desnoyers. At its most "finished" there is an uber-version of this girl, who confidently flirts with the idea of a tan without actually looking bronze, but regardless of specific gradient of "nothing", this aesthetic is ultimately about attainability. "The concept of runway-to-reality feels old now," points out Romero Jennings. "The most important thing now is individualism and makeup that translates straight to the street." The sub-theme for NOTHING today that we are exploring, which we love, is Raw Refined.

Raw Refined
"Sun-kissed rather than suntanned," says Lynsey Alexander of the new upgraded glow that "Still looks like skin rather than makeup; its taking a 90's palette and using it in a very fresh way." indeed, while these makeups nod to the super model side of the 90's, there is none of the sharpness and carving that characterised the original "Supers."

"It's a finished beauty but not heavily 'done;' she's a girl who takes care of herself and does everything with makeup to look dewy, fresh and healthy," says Tom Pecheux. Cue burnished, lucid golden tones that "play with the light to give it a dreamy, goddess-like quality to the skin," says Charlotte Tilbury. "The colours are more radiance-boosting taupes, peaches and corals than tanned, though," clarifies Lyne Desnoyers. "For this makeup to look modern it absolutely has to look like a second skin."

"This makeup has more finished nuances of glamour to it, added onto a very cool canvas instead of an old-fashioned airbrushed skin," says Gordon Espinet. "That simplicity and uncontrived feel is retained because the skin and the eyebrows are still much more natural."

There you go, all the trends of SS16 featured. So, do you have a trend that you like? We are looking forward to sharing with you the makeup trends of AW2016 in the coming months. From what we have witnessed yesterday with the M.A.C Cosmetics Malaysia team, it is surely looking really colourful and bold! All visuals courtesy of M.A.C and here for more about the brand.

Wishing you lovelies a happy and luminous rest of the week *_^

With love, 
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