Monday, June 20, 2016

[Review] Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Brightening Perfect Skin Creator SPF35 PA+++

Diorsnow is an Asian Exclusive series from Dior, we believe and when we were first presented with this Diorsnow Bloom Perfect series (together with the Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Cushion here), this one called Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Brightening Perfect Skin Creator was an interesting one. We were told it is a skincare and makeup primer and it is listed under the skincare category, after much research. So, we shall take a look at this new one from Dior as a makeup primer then, shall we?

The reason for this Brightening Perfect Skin Creator to be placed under Diorsnow, if you are familiar with the range, would have to be some form of brightening formulation to it. This one is no exception. It is derived from the brightening power of the Edelweiss from Dior Gardens in Switzerland, which the brand believes over time, with the use of this product, it will help to slow down the process of melanin production, skin damage due to skin exposure, diminish, correct and prevent the creation of dark spots deep down. Dior believes that the Elderweiss extract ingredient is effective to assist in achieving lasting efficacy on skin evenness and colour correction.

Our Experience
Like all Dior beauty products, it comes in a lovely package, and the all-white with a hint of pink shade makes it look lovely and beautiful already. A sturdy glass bottle the primer is, it also comes with what Dior calls it the Beauty Bloomer. It is basically a beauty blender sponge which has quite a unique shape to it. An expert applicator that has a stretchable silky pink strap on one side, and a soft yet kind of firm pink-looking sponge dome surface on the other. 

The Skin Creator is pinkish in colour, with medium light texture. Upon application on the skin, it feels really smooth and easy to apply. It leaves our skin looking a little rosy, glowy and soft look and finish. It does not feel extremely lightweight as we can still feel a little skincare sort of lotion texture to it, with a little moisturising feel, almost like a very light moisturiser. It works well blending it out just with our fingers. 

If you apply it with the accompanying sponge, we notice we will need more product to cover the same surface area as the sponge would absorb some of the product already. The sponge does feel really soft and springy on the skin, and works well with some difficult to reach areas like around the nose. It makes the application more polished, we feel. But if you would like to save up more product in the long run, we feel applying it with fingers work as good, for you will be applying another layer of your foundation on top anyways. 

We also do like the fact that it comes with SPF35, PA+++. We do believe if you have really good skin, you can do away looking super natural with rosy glowing complexion (with a little bit of concealer) just on its own for days like you just want to keep things really simple and basic. Unfortunately, it won't be enough for us to just use this alone *_^ 

We also noticed that this primer compliments the new Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Brightening Perfect Moist Cushion well (here), as it helps keep the foundation last longer. All in all, as a makeup primer, it works beautifully. As for its skincare benefits, we believe it will take time to show. 

Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Brightening Perfect Skin Creator & Beauty Bloomer set is retailed at MYR385 at 30mlHere to discover and learn more about the Skin Creator. You can also follow Dior makeup adventure via their Instagram here and the brand here. Thanks Dior Malaysia for the love. We look forward to sharing more Dior beauty with you soon!

Have a luminously beautiful new week ahead, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. I will keep this in mind, I have a few spots I want to get rid of. I just bought some from another brand but when that is done I may try this.

    Allie of

    1. Aahh I see Allie. Keep us posted on how the other brand works for you, okie *_^

  2. Ooh the brightening properties of this line and how it uses the edelweiss flower are very intriguing to me. I'm generally more into Asian beauty products when it comes to brightening but I've heard some positive things about Diorsnow so maybe I'll check it one day after I finish my backlog of products. The Perfect Skin Creator sounded the most interesting to me but I think I would pass on it since you mentioned it wasn't that lightweight.

    1. Haha yes. I know what you mean, Rowena. We all have those backlog products to try out, right?

  3. OMG, Jeann! Next time I balk kampung I need to raid your makeup stash and go oooo and ahhh! These sound so amazing!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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