Wednesday, June 8, 2016

[Inspiration | Musing] Just For That One Day, Find Your Happy Moment

Life has brought us this far, not knowing everything in the world, completely to its core, but we do know a little more of ourselves each day, for we feel time is ticking away, ever so softly like writings on the wall, fading away with the erasing of each strokes of life, the changing of seasons, the arrival of the inevitable in life, as if trying so eagerly to prove that we are only so minute, like a speck of dust, insignificant in some ways, yet meaningful in so many ways.

We believe, we need to find our quiet moments, our happy place in life, no matter how small the crack may be, each passing day. We should not allow the walls of pressure come crashing upon us. Insanity breeds creativity yet hampers the pursue of pure happiness. Some our life line of happiness...

keep things simple
fall in love with the little details
love what we do, every single day
beautiful visuals
lovely words
little pockets of inspirations
give time to learn, unlearn and understand
more ... or ... perhaps less

As this world grows more hectic, chaotic and busy, happy moments, for us, need to be accumulated, and treasured, almost as rare as capturing fire flies in the dark and keep them safe in a glass bottle, but only for that brief moment, for we will need to release them back, to the wilderness, to let them fly away, and let their light shine bright, as beauty in life are meant to be shared, never owned. 

What are your secrets to those little moments of happiness in your life? Do you have them?

All visuals via LUMI's Pinterest here. Have a luminously happy day, lovelies.

With love, 

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  1. I totally agree, my quiet moments are usually in the morning when everyone is still sleeping, I can enjoy my coffee ritual and have 10 min reading, then I'm ready for the day and for those precious moments of happiness with my little ones and with my husband.
    Beautiful post dear friend.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. You are such a beautiful soul and have the loveliest happy moments. I am utterly happy for you as you deserve the best in life my dearest friend


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