Friday, June 10, 2016

Trailing The Intense Notes of Jo Malone London Cologne Intense Dark Amber & Ginger Lily

Intensely rich, yet softly alluring, it captured our attention during our media preview previously, and it came back with us, for an extended stay and explorations thereafter. Perhaps it was its ability to send us to a faraway land of Japan, steeped within the steps of the temples, engrossed in the quiet but highly ritualised of a Kohdo ceremony, the Japanese art of incense appreciation, due to one of its rich ingredients - the rare Kyara wood. Other base notes include Leather, Sandalwood and Patchouli. Maybe it could be the more floral accents of its middle notes from an enriched Amber, Black Orchid, Water Lily, Jasmine and rose, illuminated by the clean sensuality of top notes from Black Cardamom, Ginger, Pink Pepper?

For us, it is one that is warm, spicy, deeply sensual, yet calming and relaxing. Yes, we are sharing a little of our experience wearing this special one by Jo Malone London Cologne Intense Dark Amber & Ginger Lily today. 

Like any other Jo Malone London colognes, it comes in a beautifully packaged box and its iconic structured rectangle sturdy glass bottle, and rounded cap, elegantly designed and presented, but with the Intense range, a black bottle is aptly used to add to its mysteriousness and exclusivity. Wearing Dark Amber & Ginger Lily immediately brings us into a state of stillness, we feel, one that is darkly sultry, in an ever gingerly soft way, as if like a woman who understands her worth, never wanting her presence to take centre stage, or drowned by the applause of the crowd, but rather drawing her own adoration towards beauty, in an innate quiet manner, eloquently subtle, yet inexorably seductive. This is most definitely one cologne that is more for the matured soul - sophistication with the coming of age.

Since Jo Malone London scents are designed to be layered, paired or juxtaposed, we actually love the combination of this one with our existing Wood Sage & Sea Salt which we absolutely adore, for a distinctive woody smell, a little elegance with a touch of playfulness and adventure. It brings this oriental woody scent into a different level of enjoyment, allowing us to drift away into varying moods and tone, at times alternating between mystique and outwardly forthright. This cologne intense also last longer than the normal range within the brand. 

Thanks, once again to Jo Malone London Malaysia team for the lovely discovery and brings us deeper and deeper into your wonderful world of scents and richness of that tactile experience. Here to explore more about the Intense range and here for the brand. Mood board visuals via LUMI's Pinterest here.

Do you have a favourite Jo Malone London cologne? 

Till our next fragrance adventure, have a luminously happy weekend ahead, lovelies *_^ 

With love, 
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  1. Beautiful post --- Jo Malone is a brand that I grew up with, so I always adore their scents. The Cardamom+ Mimosa, and Lime blossom are two of my favourites, although I've not tried one of their scents that I didn't like. I am currently using their layered scents with tuberose, and English Pear/Freesia. the dark amber and ginger sounds nice.

    1. Ahhh sounds like you are quite a fan of Jo Malone there, my friend. I shall keep in mind those scents you mentioned here, they do sound lovely indeed!

      Thanks so much for dropping by to say hi. Love to see you again *_^


Thanks so much for dropping by and say hi. Love to hear your thoughts and will read them all! See you again *_^

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