Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bernard Chandran Believes in WANITA BERKUASA This Raya Season!

POWER can be elusive, but empowerment is not. We love for a fact that one bestows the idea of empowerment towards women today and make us believe that we are in control of certain areas in our lives, for instance the choice of fashion we make, the type of style we choose to take on and reflect our personality with. We love fashion designers who embrace such ideal and celebrate with us, for that matter. BERNARD CHANDRAN has been that brand, who always forefronts not only women being in that state of mind, but also fashion-forward in pushing fashion to its greater limits. This latest Raya season's collection, WANITA BERKUASA (literally means women in power in Bahasa) is no exception.

His fascination in constantly pushing the boundaries and not resting on the comfort of laurels has led to evolutionary contemporary results years after years, it is one passion that we truly admire. Our first encounter with the maestro was way back in 2009 (yes, we were producing the Miss Universe Malaysia 2009 TV reality show) when we did an interview with him and featured his collection. Such an amazing person he is, and a fabulous designer! (Psst, yes, I was the one standing right in the middle of his boutique, while my hubby was going through the shoot with Dato').  By "we" here I mean, myself as a TV producer in my full time work at PATJENN FILM *_^

Fast forward to the year 2014 now, Bernard Chandran yet again, play with his earlier interest by modernizing the traditional baju kurung and kebaya, this collection continues on his passion for carefully engineered craft and pieces, incorporating materials like leather and linen, yet creating comfort and aesthetic styles that is so Bernard Chandran. Here are some of our favorites and the rest of the collection.

We love that block and pop of striking colours on some of the bajus, and the fashionable details and cuts. Perhaps if you are a tad bored with the usual raya pieces in stores, a designer piece like Bernard Chandran would do the trick and make you stand out among the crowd during this beautiful festive season! For more of the brand and his other collections, here. All pictures (expect the two on sets of shoot) courtesy of Bernard Chandran and PR team.

A Bernard Chandran's piece will most definitely has that international standard with some local flavours with cutting-edge aesthetics and the Bernard Chandran women are most definitely confident, fashion-forward, successful yet humble and extremely desirable *_^

Till our next fashion fix, stay luminous and to all our Muslim friends out there who are counting down to this joyous occasion, a very early Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri wish from LUMINNEJ!

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