Thursday, July 31, 2014

Time To Travel: Our First Time To Bali For The Weekend!

Yes, gosh! We can't believe it either (pinching ourselves *_^), we are heading to BALI tomorrow, yay! All thanks to my work in production. Actually, we are there for a 4-day shoot, not exactly a leisurely travel, but hey, who's complaining, as long as we get to go on a plane and set foot on a foreign land that is as beautiful as the sound of it... Bali *_^

Even though it's just a 3-hour flight away from here, we love the thought of staying at this lovely place called Centra Taum Seminyak Bali (here for more) and going on shoot at this awesome facilities fun-filled location called Canggu Club (here for more). We will be following a group of young Malaysian footballers selected and participating in a junior football camp! 

So, we started packing since yesterday, really excited about the trip. Our mission - pack light but sufficient enough for the 4-day stay there. So, here are some of the things that we will bring along for the trip. 

Skincare can be different from our usual range as we want to take advantage of travel size items, this one by Shiseido White Lucent Brightening travel set comes in real handy. It has everything from foam cleanser, toner, day moisturizer to a serum! Been loving the Senka Perfect Gel, light and effective in removing makeup, will also need the Cyber Color Eye Makeup Remover (far right). We definitely would love to give some TLC to our tired eyes with our Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Eye Cream after a long-day shoot.

Next up, sun care is crucial since we will be spending most of our time there outdoor, shooting long hours under the sun. We are packing these items, high sun protection for our face and body, with SPF50, PA++, Sun Shades and the LancÔme UV Expert XL-Shield BB Cream (this is good for high sun protection, PA+++ as well as a tint of colour for the face, our previous review here). Since we don't intend to use much foundation, we chose a lightweight and liquid-based one like this latest Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation from Za, and a wonderful makeup based by RMK Creamy Polished Base N. We should be well covered from the sun, we believe! 

As for makeup, nothing fancy, just real basic and simple so that we can get going already on a fly. We have packed together some of our all time favourites, like clé de peau BEAUTÉ Enriched Lip Luminizer (4) as this is so ultra comfy and smooth yet gives the lips a hint of fresh wash of colour, The Balm's ShadyLady Single Eyeshadow (8) which we have been using since gosh knows when because it just glides on so easily and has a slight pearly shine to it (as you can see, we are hitting pot bottom soon). Of course, we also have our new found love this time around - M.A.C latest blush, very natural cheek look can be done with this (3), clé de peau BEAUTÉ latest new product, concealer (2) and also the latest from their Celestial Radiance family, the nude Extra Rich Lipstick (1), the LancÔme's new and versatile all-in-one lip perfecter, Lip Lover (6) (previous blog post here), the new Za Gel Eyeliner (5). Of course, to complete the look, will need the Cyber Colors 24hour Eyebrow Duo (7). 

Well, we believe we have got what we need for the trip, more other gears to pack for the shoot (even though we would love to have more of our other skincare and makeup items but just can't fit into our luggage, haha). Hope that we shall have some time to snap some pictures while we are there to share with you all later when we get back. Links to all items above are provided via the names, just click through as you wish *_^ Pictures of Centra Taum Seminyak Bali hotel and Canggu Club via their respective media sites. 

Would like to thank my in-laws for coming down to take care of our boys while we head to Bali for work! It is heart-warming to know that we have family whom we can count on in times like this. Looking forward to the trip and we shall see you all when we get back next week! Ta-ta, lovelies *_^

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  1. Have a safe flight and trip to Bali Jeann! It's a great pleasure to see someone who love her work so much. That's really important in work life. It's an important attitude to have. To love what you do. I see that in you.

    I've not tried RMK's products. My sister highly recommend it though. Maybe I should give it a try =)

    1. Thanks heap, Yen. You are correct, passion drives everything we do, or else, it takes away the meaning of it all, am sure you are the same as well *_^

      Yes, most definitely can give RMK a try one of these days.

  2. We visited Bali earlier this year and it was amazing! I hope you have a fantastic time as well!!!!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

    1. Couldn't agree more with you, Alexis! We are enjoying every bit of it now *_^


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