Sunday, July 6, 2014

Your Pore Solutions With Neogence 霓淨思 At Sasa Malaysia

It was such a co-incidence that our blogger friend Alice from ByAliceLoh could not make it to the event, she invited us to take her place instead. Thanks for remembering us! Off we went to Alexis at The Gardens Mall recently to check out more about this Taiwanese brand which offers a series of pore solutions skincare regime. We were pretty excited as this was our first time attending a Sasa Malaysia event *_^ 

As everyone gathered around and getting ready, we spotted Dr. Hsieh Chien-Yang and his team, seated at a corner, getting ready for his session. We mingled a little and got to know some new blogger friends along the way. The friendly team of Sasa Malaysia swiftly showed us briefly of the skincare series on each of our table and let us "play" with them. Not long after, the event got on its way.

Dr. Hsieh, a Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering and also the bio-medical doctor from the Neogence R&D team began to explain how usually blackheads are formed and what are the usual approaches that most of us would take to eliminate such nuisances (which most of us at one point or the other would have resorted to, for instance squeezing them, picking them, among others!) but all these will inevitably leave marks on the face. So, he explained, after much intensive research by the team, Neogence has finally found the solutions - PORE series that is designed specifically to help solve the problems. It is a range that does not harm the skin yet still effective in getting the job done. Much of his explanation was pretty logical and he even got everyone there to carry out some small experiments to ascertain the PH level of their products versus X brand *_^

To combat blackheads, one can start with Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask (use weekly). It contains the combination of natural clay and charcoal powder that are effective in absorbing sebum, removing dead skin cells, cleansing pore deeply and eventually reducing blackheads, naturally. He even patch tested it on his own nose to demonstrate his point.

The next step would be to use the Neogence Extremely Off-Heads Serum pH5.5 (daily use). According to Dr. Hsieh, hydrophilic Glycacid is effective in deeply dissolving heads and blocked pores. AC. NET combined with the Sebum Control Enzyme, effectively improves the conditions of the cuticles, tightening the pores and reducing the blockage of sebum and acne. Now, that sounded good, Its new generation of pH5.5 also suits all skin type, including sensitive skin. Of course, one can follow up with Neogence Fresh Cooling Astringent Toner. Basically four steps - recuperating sebum, controlling germs, dissolving heads and rebuilding pores.

All in all, it was a great talk and we enjoyed it, knowing that there is a solution out there for those who are facing such acne and blackheads issues. Since I noticed some blackheads on my second son's nose area, I enlisted him and put him as my "little experiment" to see how the products work. I did try on the mask not long after, and noticed that it has that stinging feeling on my face upon application, but it subsided and went off after I left it on my face for some time. For more details on the range, you can check out Neogence website here. If you ever need to shop for skincare and beauty products, what's better than to head over to Sasa Malaysia? Here for more. Neogence is available at all Sasa outlets,

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  1. Hi Jenn! Thank you so much for you lovely comment! You have a wonderful blog here!

    I'm going to link you in my blog!

    Keep up the fabulous work!

    Evan Chang

    1. hi hi Evan,

      Thanks so much for the linking and support, awesome! Hope to catch up with you one of these days *_^

      You keep up the great job at your blog too and keep entertaining us, okie? haha

  2. I could've used these products when I was a teenager ;p

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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