Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Introducing RMK Autumn Winter Collection 2014 Power of Love

AUTUMN is looking pretty contrasting with RMK, combining the strength of love, yet embracing the softer side of this emotion, hence the autumn collection aptly called Power of Love. Strong yet sensitive, kind yet tough, essentially this is what modern women these days really are. We need to remain comparatively "tough" from the outside, since most of us are career women today, yet, deep down, we are just a gentle woman that needs all the tender loving care that we can get (be it showered upon us by our loved ones, or even by ourselves for ourselves for that matter). Anyhow, we are one of a kind, a force to be reckoned with (don't play play, all right *_^). RMK understands this part of us and therefore, presenting us a limited collection that encompasses exactly these two different elements - MATTE and SHINY, for us to express ourselves depending on the mood we are going for. Isn't that cool?

Inspired by this latest collection, we came up with a mood board via polyvore comprising some of the items that we love which we feel would represent how we think would go well with the makeup collection. Hope you will enjoy it. Do check out more of what this latest RMK collection is all about as it has quite some cool makeup items *_^ You can also check out some of our polyvore collections here

First off, the limited edition RMK Matte Shiny Eye Pencil (RM148). This eyeliner pencil looks pretty cool to us. At one end, it has a matte crayon (6 shades), at the other is a felted tip applicator with a layer of scintillating pure silver powder that produces a luxuriant sheen once you apply it over the matte crayon colours! The result? Eyes that are full of drama, mystery and allure. 

Next, RMK Matte Shiny Cheeks (RM178). Again, the heart-shape motif is a matte texture and the outer area is a luminous texture that gives you the sheen upon application. This limited edition cheek colours come in 4 shades - Natural Bronze, Bright Orange, Light Pink and Dark Bronze. They offer an exciting array of endless mix and match possibilities. 

For eyes with drama and strength, RMK introduces the new "W brush", the RMK Matte Mascara (RM130) that comes in 4 limited edition shades of Black, Brown, Navy and Burgundy. The straight section enhances volume right down to the root of the lashes while the curve section curls and separate. This matte mascara also gently treats the eyelashes with moisturizing ingredients, including royal jelly extract and it is also a water resistant formula. 

The RMK Shiny Sheer Gloss (RM78) does look superlicious with 3 shades to choose from. Its feather-like texture with a rich but light oil spreads easily and gives the lips a subtle sheen without the feeling of greasiness. Coral, Rose and Dark Beige are just three choices that will leave your lips looking lovely.  

All seasons, RMK will introduce some new shades to their existing nail colours. This time around, from the Power of Love collection, comes RMK Nail Colour EX (RM65) with 5 limited edition shades. Again, playing with the two contrasting textures, matte and shining for your fingernails. The deep-red matte shade caught our attention. Of course, the rest are equally beautiful - Shiny Navy, Shiny Burgundy, Shiny Pink, Matte Red and Matte Beige. 

RMK W Eyebrow (Powder) RM55, 3 new shades and RMK Eyebrow (Pencil) RM55, 3 new shades as well comes with built-in screw brush. RMK's double-ended eyebrow liner has one end a retractable pencil and at the other a felt for adding powder. You can customize your own set from the 3 shades of powder and pencil. This is so cool. We have been using a pencil and adding our own shade of brown powder using an eyebrow brush for the longest time. This will most definitely save us all the hassle and time *_^ What's more, it also features a screw brush for grooming the eyebrow and smudging! This is such a ingenious design. We are loving this and looking forward to checking it out once it hits the RMK counters as it is so multi-functional. 

Of course, the collection also comes with a new limited edition 3-shades eyebrow powder compact, RMK Eyebrow Powder N (RM160), RMK Eyebrow Gel (RM90), RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N, 2 new shades (RM80) and RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks N, 2 new shades (RM110).

This Power of Love Collection does look like it has some interesting items to offer. Will keep our eyes out for it once it is launched sometime in Mid August later. So, guess you lovelies saw it first here at LUMINNEJ (What a treat *_^). We shall keep you posted if there are any events for the up-coming collection! Here for more of the RMK brand. 

Till then, stay luminous and chic always *_^

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  1. Wow this is quite the roll out and love the heart motif, super cute for sure. I love the nail colors, I wonder how well they stay on. Always on the hunt for polish that stays on.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. Yes, indeed, Allie. The brand rolled out quite some interesting collection thus far after the new Creative Director Kaori took over the brand - the direction has been more young and fund.

      Actually, I have tried on their previous nail colours, the staying power is not too bad *_^ and I loved that pink color as well.

  2. I'm loving the sleek minimalistic packaging of this brand! The matte mascara looks awesome! I would covet all 4 shades. And the concept of the eye pencil is so cool as well. I'm just bummed we don't get this brand in the US.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Yeah, can understand your frustration, my friend. I am beginning to like their brand already, am hoping to try their skincare in the future as they look very interesting, and perhaps more suited to our Asian skin though their makeup range does better here *_^

      Hope RMK will be in USA in due time! Happy midweek ahead! We just had our public holiday yesterday. Nice short break, stayed home and blogged, haha!


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