Sunday, July 27, 2014

KLFW2014: Eclipse Showcasing A Very Different Fall/Winter Style

With Walter from Eclipse. He is such a darling! Was wearing an Eclipse piece for the show *_^

We must say, we were delighted to receive an invitation from our dear awesome fashion designer friend, Sonny San of Eclipse previously to attend their fashion show at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014! (KLFW) We were honored and of course, could not contain our excitement as it's been a while since we let met Sonny during a fashion show like this one! 

Myself chatting with Sonny San at his Pavilion KL boutique right before our shoot. He is such a charm *_^

Our love affair with this well established fashion designer for ECLIPSE dated way back, like what we mentioned in our other post here, we were on shoot, but we knew Sonny when he was the lead judge and mentor for 8 young finalist designers for the mifa8 Fashion Forward TV program back in 2007! He was such a passionate designer and a great business fashion entrepreneur too. 

Eclipse is famous for its draping style of women's wear and most often than not, very feminine as Sonny would always put women before his designs, knowing what women wants best out of their, be it, evening gown pieces or just day-to-day chic ready-to-wear. This show was somehow very different from what we had expected though.

First of all, draping is kept to a minimum in this latest Fall/Winter collection by Eclipse, instead, more structured, simple silhouettes are spotted, textures are a combination of soft leather, fur, shining materials and detailing and a combination of fall hues, earthy brown, nude and white, and a bit of lovely tangerine coral pop of colours (accessories included), monochromatic nonetheless. Most definitely, a bold departure, aesthetically from his usual signature draping looks which Eclipse is best known for! We believe, Sonny is evolving as a designer, and he is pushing the limits of what the brand can go and is willing to go. Very interesting indeed. This collection feels like a more power dressing type of collection - stylistically simple yet edgy.

Here are some of our favorite lumi picks and the rest of the runway collection showcased at the recent KLFW2014 (oh we didn't quite get the funky metallic red pieces, but if you are keen, you can take a look at them here via their Facebook page)

Sonny has yet again proved that he is here to stay, capturing the woman's hearts with his lovely pieces and expanding his ready-to-wear retail brand to greater heights! Congrats to our dear friend, we look forward to greater designs from you and your amazing team *_^ All individual runway pictures courtesy of Eclipse, re-compiled and re-edited by LUMINNEJ. Can't get enough of Eclipse? Here for more.

Before we say bye, will leave you all with a beautifully done video of the behind-the-scene of Eclipse previous Spring/Summer 2014 collection (we know, it is out of timeline, but hey, beautiful things are meant to be shared, and fashion should be timeless, no matter the season and should stand the test of time, no? Just look at the Eclipse piece I wore to the show, am still loving it till today *_^).

We do also look forward to having Sonny San for our FACES segment one of these days. Shall keep our fingers crossed for that. Have a beautiful weekend ahead, you lovelies. Shall bring you more about the KLFW 2014 soon!

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  1. Looks like this show was a real treat for you Jeann! Sonny's designs have a lovely feminine feel and modern edge at the same time. The video is great! Thanks for sharing these with us. Hope your week has gotten off to an amazing start!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Yes this is a wonderful collection,love the structured minimalism. How exciting to have attended.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  3. Yes Rowena and Allie,

    We are truly lucky to be invited by Sonny *_^ Had a great time!


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