Saturday, July 19, 2014

[Eating Out] New Discovery: Kobo Bakery

Just the other day, wondering on the streets of Taipan, we had some time to kill before running the next errand, we wandered into this new place called Kobo Bakery. Since we love bread and all, so, we decided to give the coffee there a try. 

Though the bakery is fairly new, but they whipped up quite some choices of bread and desserts. We were fascinated by the interesting offerings and were given some samples of bread and buns to taste. Surprisingly, they were pretty delicious. It was a late morning, the buns tasted fresh from the oven, and it has a soft airy feel to it. Perhaps it is the natural yeast that was used, perhaps it was just that fresh morning feel, we wonder?

Sometimes, it is great to just have a seat, take some time off to wind down, do some thinking, while enjoying a cup of simple cauppacino. It tasted good when one has the time for ourselves, to reflect upon things in life and to just feel that very  moment. That morning felt like a much needed time out for us.

We hope you will always find new discovery interesting, like we do and hope you have a great weekend ahead, lovelies *_^

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  1. Oh gosh..these looked really good! I've been tempted by your pictures =D

  2. Haha let you drool over them for now, my dearie! Next time you pop by USJ area, we can go there and have a cuppa *_^


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