Sunday, July 13, 2014

[Inspiration] Photographer Crush | Alena Soboleva From NYC

Loving how a fashion photographer has that keen eye to capture his or her subject matter in such a manner that is equally captivating and enchanting at the same time, even though it may look really simple. We accidentally stumbled upon this New York based fashion photographer, ALENA SOBOLEVA via her "like" on one of our pictures posted (thanks thanks *_^) on instagram. 

We find her work interestingly simple but filled with visuals of models or subjects (mostly women) who look really natural yet hypnotic in a very chic manner. Lighting looks just right and these women look really beautiful and uber comfortable in their own skin.

We truly believe great photography can elevate anyone (or anything for that matter) to a whole new level of perception and how beauty is being perceived and interpreted (by both the photographer as well as the audience). It's a good balance of both technicality as well as aesthetics appreciation, knowing what looks good and how to make them look awesome through the skillful manipulation of all the elements within the frame and composition that defines what sort of a photographer the person is. We feel Alena is that sort who knows how to appreciate the essence of being a woman and what defines her as beautiful - using her silhouette and her features on her face to tell the story. Of course, excellent makeup and styling plays a good part too *_^

We hope you will enjoy Alena's work, as much as we do. More of her work here. You can also follow her via her instagram here. Stay tuned as  we shall introduce and share with you more of our crushes soon. Up next will be a local homegrown Malaysian photographer who has made it far and wide beyond our Malaysian shore! Do you have any idea?

Have a great week ahead, lovelies *_^ All pictures via Alena's website.

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  1. Her straightforward and clean style is refreshing and I like her lighting as well. Hope the new week gets off to a great start for you Jenn!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Yes her work is stunning, and if you can pull it off and have lots of talent and even more luck, this is a great way to earn a living. She is NY based huh, think she will shoot me...hahahahaha

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. haha Allie, good idea. Perhaps you can get in touch with her! Am sure she may be of assistance, if she is willing *_^ Keep me posted if she ever shoot you!


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