Thursday, July 31, 2014

[Food] Chilled Sensation With Frozen Watermelon Smoothie and Avocado

Have never come across our mind that this could work! All right, have to admit, it actually happened by accident. My in-laws came into town two days back and as usual, they brought along tonnes of food to stock up in the freezer and the fridge. I ran out of place to put those sliced watermelons that I have cut, so half was eaten, the other half I happily chucked it into the freezer, thought of consuming it the next day. 

So next day came around and of course, it was as hard as a rock! After letting it thawed slightly, I cut it into cubes and threw them into the blender (I love blending things, it's so much fun *_^). Few minutes later, voila, I had made my very first frozen smoothie watermelon drink for the entire family! To add to the fun, since I had avocado, I added the slices into the ice blended and BOY oh BOY! It tasted like heeaaveennnn *_^ Seriously! Never thought that a concoction by wicked chance can taste this awesome-licious! My kids loved it. It is a perfect summery hot treat for everyone, such a cooling sensation. If you are curious, see what else we did with avocado in our previous blog post here.

What have you come up with by accident that turned out great, I wonder? Perhaps you can share it with me. Hope all is fun from where you are. Have a magical day. 

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