Monday, July 7, 2014

[Review] Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate

For as long as we can remember, woman has always been fascinated by the ways of preserving beauty and will always be in a quest to search for the key to retaining our youthfulness and radiance. These days, we are so pampered with so many choices in the market, and to sieve through them is yet another art of balancing and decision making. But one brand does stands out from the pack when it comes to exploring the unexplored fields of genomics and proteomics in skincare and drawing on the firm belief that youth lies in our genes. Lancôme is that forward-looking brand. The result? GÉNIFIQUE YOUTH ACTIVATING CONCENTRATE was born, in 2009. 

This iconic youth-activating product quickly garnered its reputation worldwide and fast became one of the most best-selling and enthusiastic skincare products by Lancôme, setting the benchmark for the rest to come, hence its recognizable name, "The Little Black Bottle", as it is fondly called in Asia. Due to its popularity, Lancôme even launched an artistic campaign called "The Little Black Bottle Project", showcasing all the creative talents of the design industry and their artistic interpretation of the product. Our previous blog post here.

As ambitious as always, Lancôme sets out yet again to re-invent itself with a much more potent, most advanced, complete and most perceptible youth activating serum, the new-improved ADVANCED Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate, which we had the pleasure to try out lately.

First of all, we definitely love the exquisite glass bottle, it immediately looks luxurious already. The gel-like texture to the serum feels very velvety upon application and it instantly absorbs really well into the skin, making my skin feels exceptionally subtle, moist, having that re-plumping and protective cocooning sensation. It is good to know that the serum is enriched with a biotechnology-derived ingredient that works in perfect harmony with the skin. So advanced is this exceptional formula that it is patented until 2029! Each drop delivers almost 40% more active ingredients for exceptional results. No wonder Lancôme proudly believes that it is a beauty revolution - a breakthrough recognized by more than 130 prestigious international awards.

After two-weeks of use, I do notice some visible changes, making my skin look more firm and feel a little bouncy. Perhaps this is the tactile youthfulness aspect that Lancôme is aiming for, with this product. The so called "The Equation of Youth" *_^ We are most definitely loving this product (Have always had a keen inclination towards lightweight gel-like serum over the heavy-feeling cream ones as it will feel heavy for my face to handle). Perhaps you can give this a try if you are like me, in search of that hidden youthfulness within our own skin and hope to upkeep it as best as we can. Here for more. Also check out the video below. 

Thanks again to Lancôme Malaysia for sending us a bottle to try and review! Definitely on our skincare list in the future. Stay luminous and happy always, lovelies *_^

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