Thursday, May 5, 2016

[Review] Dior Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Brightening Perfect Moist Cushion

What is more apt to enjoy the presence of spring then to explore and discover a new introduction to cushion from a Western beauty brand that we have come to love, Dior? This time around, it is Dior's very first moist cushion that has hit the Malaysian stores since March. We had the pleasure to try this one out, quite some time back, thanks to Dior Malaysia for the love, and we have been wanting to share our experience since. The cushion wave is still pretty strong, this season, so let's get started shall we?

Dior Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Brightening Perfect Moist Cushion SPF50 PA+++
The fact that this new cushion which is put under the brand's Diorsnow range suggests that it has "brightening" properties and most likely is designed for Asian skin. Enriched with Dior skincare natural active skincare ingredients, amongst others is the brightening power of Edelweiss from the Dior Gardens in Switzerland, this is Dior's first ultra-moist skincare cushion with patented air cushion technology - Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Brightening Perfect Moist Cushion, which promises to refresh, deeply moisten and unify skin for a natural luminous perfection under high protection, anytime, anywhere. Comes in quite a relatively bigger box than the usual cushion compact, we were surprised to find that this set comes readily with another set of refill and puff, apart from the existing original set. The refill is sold separately as well.

As always, for a cushion, you need to unwrap this one as well, that comes separately and place it at the centre of the casing and snaps it tight. House in a soft, bouncy plastic casing, with built-in mirror, motif of pink dust and a little 2D effect on the wordings, giving the illusion of "glass-like" and lending its luxurious feeling and aesthetics, the cushion on the other hand, has a top cover and is sealed for freshness and once peeled off, a pre-soaked cushion is revealed, much like most Korean cushions, with that spongy looking surface soaked with foundation. 

Our Experience
There are 3 shades to the cushion - 005 (Brightening), 010 and 020. The one we received was 020, with this one being the darkest of the three, we still find it a tad fair for our skin tone. We also noticed that the cushion may seem a little drying than the usual cushion we have used before, so you need to press down a little more to pick up extra product. With gentle patting motion, the foundation does work wonderfully in even out our skin tone, with a lightweight watery texture kind of feeling, and has a cooling sensation, this should be due to its cooling agent and apparently cools down the skin by 4 degrees. Really? 4 is quite a significant number though, we imagined. 

We love the fact that the finishing is a luminous one, not much glow, but most definitely rosy, natural and hugs the skin nicely (filling up certain areas of the face that has more open pores) and has a slight brightening effect in general, most likely due to its natural mineral pigments. We did notice that it has a pretty obvious scent to it though. If you are not a fan of that, please do take note. It took us some time to get used to it *_^ 

The high sun protection factor, with SPF50 and PA+++ is most definitely a plus point for the cushion and it makes touch up a breeze. We do realise that it is not one that gives you high coverage, not that build able either, will still need concealer for problem areas like pigmentation and dark spots. The puff is pretty soft, with a slight rubbery texture like most Korean puffs and easy to manage.

We did bring this Diorsnow Bloom Perfect cushion to our recent Hong Kong trip when the weather was quite chilling, instead of hot and humid back home, and we felt that the moisture retention level of the cushion is fairly good, performing under such weather and did not really dry our skin out as we had thought. Overall, it is a fairly good cushion for a natural rosy look, if that is what you are aiming for, minus the scent (for us, at least) and the limitation of shades. (darn!)

We receive this cushion together with a new product from Dior, called the Diorsnow Bloom Perfect, amongst others, which you probably would have known by now if you follow us on our instagram here *_^ We shall share our experience with you on that soon. Dior Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Brightening Perfect Moist Cushion SPF50 PA+++ is retailed at MYR268. Thanks Dior Malaysia for the love! 

Here for more about this latest release from Dior and here about Dior. You may also discover more updates from DiorMakeup via their new instagram here.

Till our next Dior rendezvous, have a luminously happy week, lovelies *_^ 

With love, 
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  1. Wow this sounds interesting, I have never used foundation like this before. I am looking for something kind of brightening and a fade cream would be nice too!

    Allie of

    1. haha, can explore as cushion is such an ingenious idea, so convenient!

  2. This has to be a Asia exclusive? I haven't seen it here but I likey likey the SPF50+++ wor!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. haha I believe so. yeah! So glad that it's SPF50 PA+++ so good for touch up!


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