Saturday, May 28, 2016

[Inspiration | Musing] Hello There, Electric Orange, You Look Just Fine

This Saturday smells like shades of orange, electrifying yet subtle in some ways, one which carries us far far away, above the ocean, beyond the highlands, to witness the slowness and the acute sense of being human, but most of all, to be alive, even though deep down, a certain melancholic moss is eating us up, inside, ever so quietly.

We buck up, chin up, whip ourselves out of negativity and that moody state, and face the sun, the goodness and the beauty of what life has to offer. We focus on the blissfulness and the need to constantly remind ourselves to be grateful - for the pain, the failure, the set backs, the fun, the adventures, everything that is between the extremes of the worlds of emotions, the roller coaster ride that is heart-poundingly exciting yet horrifying, not knowing what the future holds and not able to change the things we desperately want to see changed. 

We put ourselves out there, again and again, yet, most times, we yearn to retreat to our tiny little shell, for after all that is glorious on the front, we are only but a timid cup of soul, one who only dares to whisper soft hellos to the reflection in the mirror  of loneliness, like drops of morning dew glowing in the bokeh of sunshine, timidly, without shouting for any attention from the big fire ball of life. 

Hello there lovelies, could you hear what we hear, could you see what we see, and most of all, could you feel what we feel, at this moment, on this horribly beautiful Saturday morning? We hope you will enjoy this lovely song entitled Hello, from us to you, lovelies ...

All visuals via LUMI's Pinterest here | Orange Peach | Words | Objects | Spaces | Places 

With love, 
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