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[Review] Melvita Nectar Suprême The Cream | Beehive Goodness In A Bottle

Age may be just a number, but there is no harm in taking extra care of our skin as time goes by. Like most people say, let us age gracefully and naturally. Now, it is possible, with this French organic pioneer skincare brand called Melvita, which we have come to appreciate its organic and natural goodness. Today, we would love to share a little about our experience with the Melvita Nectar Suprême The Cream, which we have tried quite some time back and had been meaning to review here.

A unique complex of precious nectar from the beehive is Melvita's answer to younger, more radiant looking skin. Hence, the brand combined rare Kniphofia nectar with all of its precious ingredients from the beehive: the patented complex of 3 organic honeys (acacia, thyme and orange blossom honeys), nourishing royal jelly (the secret to the queen bee's longevity) and beeswax, with its unique moisturising properties. These ingredients are synonymous not only with the beehive, but also with life itself, as they encapsulate the age-old cycle of the hive. The bees feast on Kniphofia nectar, and then produce honey, wax and royal jelly. This exclusive blend of ingredients lies at the heart of this range that reflects the very quintessence of Melvita's expertise: Nectar Suprême.

Visuals courtesy of Melvita Malaysia
Other complementary anti-ageing ingredients

Kniphofia, also known as Torch-Lily or Red Hot Poker is a plant that can grow to a height of up to 1.5 metres. Its brightly coloured flowers in shades of red, orange and yellow attract and nourish bees. Known for its moisturising and antioxidant agents, the plant is particularly abundant in nectar. It produces up to 200 times, more than other nectar-secreting flowers! The goodness of Royal Jelly is well known for centuries in Chinese traditional medicine as its unique composition is said to improve immunity defences, revitalise and energise. With the make up of these ingredients, Nectar Suprême is said to help improve skin firmness and elasticity, wrinkles are smoothed out, skin complexion is uniform and radiant, dark spots are lightened, skin feels denser and visibly younger, as it is regenerated. The 3 actions against signs of ageing include a unique organic "retinol like" signature (firmer and softer wrinkles), anti-oxidant effect (glowing skin) and improvement of skin barrier (more resilient skin).

Melvita Nectar Suprême The Cream
The cream comes in a lovely soft mauve box with small little bees and beehive motif design, super lovely. A sturdy jar is revealed and this cream that is made up of a cocktail of active ingredients is white in colour, after you have pealed off the seal of course. Though it is rich in texture, it smooths onto the skin relatively nicely, almost like slathering soft butter on a toast. It feels nice on the skin, absorbs quite fast into the skin after we gently massage it. After about one month of usage, the skin did feel refreshed and rested. We do feel we need to give it a much longer period of time to see more obvious results to our skin, like firmness and smooth away wrinkles (as we don't really have much to begin with, thank goodness). The only thing we did not quite able to get used to is the smell of the cream. It can be quite strong for those who are sensitive to scented product (though it is naturally derived). 

We definitely believe this cream is for the more matured skin, dehydrated or dry skin, or you may have dry patches to tackle. Having said that, never too young to start thinking about anti-ageing routine though. It can feel a tad heavy if used day time. So, we only used the cream during the night, especially if you sleep with air-condition on. We have no qualms about this luxurious cream (moisturiser) EXCEPT for the smell, not exactly the scent we would fall in love with. Just a personal preference. If one can get pass that, you are actually soaking up all the natural goodness that is able to moisturise, firm, energise and revitalise the skin *_^ 

We were also introduced to another product from this same range, and this Eye and Lip Contour Cream is more towards our liking, most definitely. We shall review that soon. The Melvita Nectar Suprême The Cream is retailed at MYR330 for 50ML. (here for more) Thanks Melvita Malaysia for the love and the beautiful luncheon previously here. The Nectar Suprême range was launched in 2015 and can be found in all Melvita stores here:

1 Mont Kiara | G21, Ground Floor (03-6201 2124)
1 Utama | F141, First Floor (03-7710 1877)
Midvalley | G001A, Ground Floor (03-2282 2166)

Discover more about Melvita as a brand here and more latest updates via their Facebook page here. Hope you are having a great week so far, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. I think I've never tried and heard about Melvita. This cream sounds fantastic and I love your photography, well done x
    Yuliya at Yukova

    1. Yuliya,

      It's a sister brand of l'occitane *_^ thanks thanks! Have a lovely day and thanks for dropping by to say hi.

  2. I'm not familiar with this brand at all but I do like the sound of this cream and am intrigued about the benefits of the nectar as I'm currently using a bee propolis product that I really like. It looks really rich and moisturizing. Thank for the intro Jeann! Have a lovely weekend sweet lady!

    1. Yes. It's quite luxurious. It's a sister brand of l'occitane actually. Propolis? Have not heard of it. Will have to check out your review then *_^


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