Sunday, May 8, 2016

[Inspiration | Musing] Seeing Beauty, Sharing Beautifully

When the first word and visual were inked and imprinted here on LUMINNEJ, it was a space we have intended it to be creative, luminous and always beautiful, in our eyes, though we understand very well that the notion of beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and can never be a mould that fits all. Sharing was our ultimate intention, in hope, that everyone, especially women, in specific, would be able to see beauty and find beauty in all things in our life, be it big or small. 

Beauty to us, may not only be makeup and cosmetic products (though most of us would be pretty excited when we discovered that favourite lipstick we could not leave home without, or that lovely shade of sunnies we can't do without), it extends further than that. We truly wanted to explore the inner works of being a woman, ourselves. Yes, you can say it is a selfish intention on our part, but the more that age catches up on us, we realise this part of the urge, the burning desire to find out what really makes us tick, what makes us happy, or sad, truly, ultimately, as a woman, becomes alarmingly important.

We have openly admitted before here, we adopt quite a nonchalant approach to makeup, same goes to fashion and our own physical outlooks or aesthetics, though we never denied that what makes us look good on the outside, does in some ways, uplifts our spirits and feels good on the inside, at times. We love beautiful photography and wish to share that, within our beauty reviews, not necessarily with the intention to ask you to "buy" more (sounds hypocritical, huh) but merely our passion for capturing something, the best luminous way we know how (with our limited knowledge and photography skill). We are sharing our very own experiences, and can be subjective, and always in hope that you would still make your own decisions at the end, based on your own needs and financial capability.

Perhaps we are rambling on in this post. It is merely something we read recently that got us thinking, or maybe today is Mother's Day? We believe all women deserve to be beautiful, in our own ways. If whatever that makes you happy (not on the expense of others' misery or sufferings), we say, go for it, lovelies. If you feel makeup makes you happy, put it on, if you feel that piece of garment fits you perfectly, wear it. As for us, not all things that make us happy need to belong to us. We are merely a passing soul on this earth. At the end of the day, we realised, no matter how much makeup or clothes we have in our closet, we rarely consume them all, we only almost reach out to a handful that truly touches our heart *_^

If you are those who are truly critical and want a thorough beauty review, there are so many amazing beauty blogs out there, which will give you a more in depth insights into it, and help you make wiser decision on your next purchase. 

We are here, in our small little way, to perhaps hold your hand, once in a while, if you ever need one (virtually of course) or give you a shoulder to rest on, if you need someone to listen to, or if you enjoy something a tad different to read about, to find your soul again, to reconnects with your tired heart, or open it more, to the beauty in life. We hope, we have done so, for you, and in return, for us, to keep moving on, and keep growing and learning, as a woman.

Thanks for listening and for always supporting. We love you all. Women are strong because of love, we endure the hardest in life, simply not because we are capable, stronger than our opposite sex, it is merely because out of our love for others, we always put others before us, some times, forget that, we ourselves need some of that love too. Visuals do not exactly co-relate with blog post. All visuals via LUMI's pinterest board here.

Last but not least, Happy Mother's Day! and wish that each and every 365 days is a special mother's day (and a woman's day) for we all deserve all the love, all year round, don't you agree?

With love, 
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  1. I really like this natural make-up trend this spring. This model looks fantastic and very romantic and tender x
    Yuliya at Yukova Fashion and Beauty Blog UK

  2. She looks really beautiful and I also like the more natural look!

    xx Alina


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