Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Innisfree Orchid Beauty Affair | An Alluring Experience That Is Rare Yet Stunningly Captivating

When one receives a special delivery, a bouquet of fresh orchids mix at your door step, with a special invitation card, you could be sure that it most likely come from this lovely Korean brand called Innisfree Malaysia and you are most certain to expect to have a pleasant time soon. True to its brand's philosophy, the brand is here to bring the best of beauty experience to you and for you, we are humbled to be part of that wonderful experience, that very afternoon at The Forum, KL, recently. 

Visual courtesy of Innisfree Malaysia

The moment we set foot into the lovely high-ceiling space of the restaurant which was turned into something that looks like an indoor garden adorned with fresh purple orchids, the aroma of the wild orchid permeated the air and welcomed us almost immediately and set the tone and mood for the rest to come. Greeted warmly by the amazing PR team, HashtagCity and the lovely Innisfree Malaysia team, we were all gradually seated to begin our Orchid Beauty Affair for the day. 

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all" 
Walt Disney Company, Mulan

Though this expression may come from an animated movie, but the essence of it rings true to something as precious and as strong as the Jeju purple orchids hailed from the pristine Jeju Island in Korea, which could withstand the harsh winter weather and form the basis to this Innisfree Orchid Line. The Innisfree Malaysia team shared the resilience and vitality of the Cold Wild Orchid stories with us and introduced three new products updated into this range of anti-aging skincare. 

Not to be eaten, They are from the Orchid range of skincare by Innisfree

What really caught our attention was the way the range was being introduced to us later. It was being presented by way of a restaurant menu. Every skincare item was served as if you would be served, dined in - with the starter to the meal, right down to the main course and desserts. Very well thought out and creative indeed. We had the opportunity to sample each Orchid range product and try out the textures. It smelt divine indeed, while all the time enjoying the "actual" meal which were specially prepared for us. You guessed it right, purple inspired dishes *_^

Candle making session
Water colouring session, visual courtesy Innisfree Malaysia

Not only did we get to further indulge ourselves at the vanity desk lined with the range, we were also being treated to two very unique workshops for the day - candle making and water colouring. Now we could proudly say that we have an idea how candle is being made, and realised that our painting skills can still rival the kindergarten kids next door! (rolled our eyes) It was therapeutic to say the least.

With the beautiful fashion and beauty blogger friend, Sarah Mai of Small n Hot. Visual courtesy of Innisfree Malaysia

Kudos to the PR team and Innisfree Malaysia for setting the bar high for a well-organised, pampering plus learning session kind of bloggers/media event. We have never been disappointed so far. (remember our sparkling beauty picnic here?) Thanks Innisfree Malaysia for having us. Stay tuned as we shall review our experience of using the Jeju Orchid range in due time. 

Meanwhile, here for more about the brand and you can always catch up with more updates of this Korean beauty brand via their Instagram feed here.

Till our next beauty adventure, have a beautiful new week ahead, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. What a lovely event - and from the very beginning at having received orchids at your door! The watercoloring session must have been such a calming experience and I can't get over how pretty everything looks, from their products to the lilac-purple food haha! You've covered this event so well :)


    1. It was a beautiful one indeed. Thoroughly enjoyed it *_^


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