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[Review] The New Dior Diorshow Mono Backstage, Radical & All-In-Brow 3D

Our very first mono eyeshadows and a brow kit from Dior came quite a surprise to us. It is strange but true that we have a certain affinity towards this beauty brand and fell in love with her last year or so. You know how when you fall in love with something or someone, a reason seems too contrive or cliche to explain your love, it just is, love is love, that is how our love is for Dior. We shall let you in on our experience with these beauty items. Like love, there are good experience, and there are just not that great a time. You shall know if you read on *_^

Dior Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow (MYR125, 2g)
These are Dior's backstage runway makeup artists' beauty products that would make any eye makeup on the runway dazzle with glitters and they most would captivate your imagination. The shades were inspired by the fabric textures of the brand's fashion - matte, silky, glittery and the new lamé. When we were gifted these two gorgeous shades - 071 Radical and 826 Backstage, we were immediately smitten by their sheer beauty. These single eyeshadow come in a velvet pouch, signature of Dior which makes it luxurious, and has a button at the front that you can snap open easily. Upon opening, it reveals a mirror and a small applicator, with one end being a soft foam on one tip and brush on the other. 

071 Radical is a glittery sparking silver colour shade, most perfect for that night out look or simply an added shimmer to your smokey eye look. The formula glides on super easily with an intensity that instantly brightens up the eyes. Our eyes sparkle in happiness, we feel. Its blend ability is lovely. When applied with the foam tip, it gives off a more intense saturated look, but if you prefer a more natural softer effect finish, the brush end will do the just the trick. Alternatively, you can use any eyeshadow brush you wish. It looks chic and modern too, with a touch of sexiness *_^

826 Backstage is a gorgeous icy pink shade with a satin finish, which we absolutely adore. The formula and texture feels soft when applied with fingers, we noticed. It is most definitely a spring-ready sort of colour for your eyes. Here for more selection of shades from the collection. The one little set back for the shadows is that we did notice a little creasing on our eyelids at the end of the day (we do have oily eyelids to begin with). So, a little eye primer did help to make it last longer.

Visuals via Dior Makeup IG feed

Overall, we love the texture and the finishing these new Dior Diorshow Mono eyeshadows offer and most definitely should be fun to play with, with other shades available, we feel.

Diorshow Backstage Pros All-In-Brow 3D (MYR260, 7.5g)
We have always been a brow pencil sort of gal. So, this is the first time we are trying out a brow palette and this one from Dior is their latest release, the brand's first long-wear brow contour kit. It comes in the Dior chic velvet pouch as well with a bright silver casing. Inside, you will find a big mirror (which is some sort of a magnifying one, we noticed) and three products compartmentalised, with tools separated as well. 

On the left, you will find, a dark brow powder (top), light brow powder (middle) and fixing wax (bottom). The idea for the two different shades of powder for the brow is that one tone-coloured brow seems not 3-dimensional and can look a little flat, hence the concept of having two shades to contour your eyebrows, which is logical, we feel. On the other side, one will find three small applicators - 1 eyebrow brush and 2 beveled brushes. The shade available is 001 Brun/Brown.

From Dior's website, one is supposed to use the darker shade at the beginning of your brow and the lighter shade at the end tip of your brow. Fixing wax is meant to be applied to set the brow. We do find both powder shades have a nice texture to it, but the brushes are a tad too soft, and we notice it takes quite a while to shape our brow this way, compared to using a normal eyebrow pencil. The intensity of the powder is also not that high, so we need to somehow keep re-applying a few more layers to get the desired coverage that we hope to achieve (if you have scarce eyebrows like us *_^). If we use a brow pencil, it is usually faster and get the intensity we need (though we also finish it with some powder for a more natural look). The fixing wax, also feels a little dry on the brow and does not seem to have much adhesive or setting effect to groom our eyebrows in place.

All in all, we feel the Dior All-In-Brow kit only performs averagely for us. Here for more details on the product. We found a video from SavoirFlair TV that shows how the kit can be used to achieve a bold brow look, which is quite interesting. You can have a look here.

So, there you go. Dior Diorshow Mono, a YES! Diorshow Backstage Pros All-In-Brow 3D, not so much. We hope to share our experience using Dior's latest Diorshow Maximizer 3D Primer, Diorshow Mascara and Pro Liner soon. So, stay tuned for more. Thanks Dior Malaysia for the huge love. Discover more Dior beauty here or follow the latest happenings in the world of Dior Makeup via their Instagram here.

Till our next Dior rendezvous, stay luminous and be happy always, lovelies *_^ 

With love, 
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  1. I watched the video, thanks for sharing, I need to work on my brows and eye lashes.

    1. Haha me too! Am always working on my brow, especially *_^

      Thanks for dropping by, see you again soon!


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